My daughter-in-law Rachelle, her mother, and her grandmother all have a passion for finding discarded furniture and homes that look like they are unsalvageable junk and then uncovering some of the most beautiful craftsmanship you can imagine. After removing a coat of paint or, in some cases, eradicating years of neglect and abuse, a lovely treasure is found that can be refinished into a valuable piece of furniture that anyone would cherish.

Mrs.Evans brought the same type of keen eye for “gold glittering” to her relationships. I believe the reason she saw gold where others viewed rock was her ability to look past and make allowances for the glaring faults, weaknesses, bitterness, and poor choices that people made. So many times I heard her say, “They were not taught, they have been hurt, or that is her insecurity talking.” She refused to believe that the scarred and blemished exterior that a lady presented was all there was. She believed that in every person there was gold that had been buried by years of neglect, hurt, abuse, and failure.

If she could just have some time with a teachable person, she was optimistic that the Word of God would give new perspective, heal, refurbish, and refinish. In time that hidden gold would begin to start to glimmer and shine so that others could see and appreciate it. The old “rock” that most would wonder if it possessed any usefulness would become a precious vessel the Lord could use. Many are not willing to invest the time, spend the grace, and give the effort that it takes to look past the rocky exterior, have patience with the flaws, and help people work through the limitations that life has tarnished them with.

In the years that I had the privilege to spend time with Mrs.Evans, she never once considered a person to be a “throw away” or worthless. Rather, she noted the hidden gold that needed extra work and care before a slight shimmer could be detected and then given time, the gold would glitter. In her later years, she was able to admire all the beautiful gold that she had mined. All the sacrifice and effort had paid off in a wealth of gold she could give to her Lord when she entered Heaven.

Down in the human heart,

Crushed by the tempter,

Feelings lie buried that grace can restore.

Touched by a loving heart, wakened by kindness,

Chords that are broken will vibrate once more.