by Molly Audiss

Does it amaze you that the God of the Universe wants to spend 1-on-1 time with you? It astounds me! What an honor. If you could meet with a king or President once in your life, it would be a day never forgotten. Yet, we get to choose how often we want to talk and listen to the God of all creation! We are so blessed!

Not just that, He delights in us! Deuteronomy 10:14-15 reminds us that the LORD God made the entire universe and everything in it…but….we are his CHOSEN creation. He DELIGHTS in His children. Once we are saved, we become an adopted child of Abraham, and son of God! And we are His delight. I want to spend time with God everyday, knowing how much How loves me and loves spending time with me.

In conclusion, here are a few more things I find helpful when I pray:

  • Pray specific prayers. Tell God exactly what you want or need. “God bless them” is a nice- sounding prayer, but what exactly are you asking your Father to do? Would you know if he answered that prayer? What would it look like? Think about what you are asking Him, and pray specific prayers.
  • Pray some prayers with an end You need God to come through for this person by…..(day or month or year). Of course, God may say “yes” or “no,” but oftentimes I have received answers to prayers that needed an answer by a specific time. It builds my faith when God comes through for me and works everything out. Remember, God commanded us to “prove” Him. He is a miracle-working God!
  • Pray prayers that only God Tell no one else. When God hears you and answers a pray that no one else could have known, it will really increase your faith! It will make you want to pray more, also.
  • Make sure that, among the things for which you are asking God, that some things are so impossible, only God could do them! He specializes in the impossible! We are always trying to do everything on our own, but some problems are simply bigger than what any human beings can handle. Trust God to do a miracle for you!
  • Above all, ask BELIEVING! This is so important. Faith is the only thing we can do that pleases God. This trust is absent of We know we cannot help ourselves. We MUST have God! That understanding of how completely hopeless we are is the beginning of faith in God. He will come though. He can be trusted. Believe Him!