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invisible hurts

Invisible Hurts $10.00
by Loretta Walker

“Invisible Hurts” offers help to those who have been abused or experienced other deep hurts.  This practical and life-changing book includes a Bible study for each chapter.  Loretta shares the three powerful principles that she learned early in her Christian life that put her on the victory side of a troubled home.

possessing peace

Possessing Peace $15.00
by Loretta Walker

This is a six week daily Bible study.  Learn how to have peace with God, self, family, others, circumstances, and authorities in ten minutes a day.  Read the listed Scripture and then read the lesson Loretta uses from her life to teach you how to live a peaceable life.

God is crazy about me

God is Crazy About Me $15.00
by Loretta Walker

“God is Crazy About Me” is a two part book.

Part one is a six-week study to help you realize the journey that I have taken to learn how much my Heavenly Father loves me.

Part two of the book is a ninety-day challenge to encourage you to realize God is working in your life on a daily basis.

God is crazy about me

The Monarch of Bibles by Richard Tudor $6.99+$3.00 Shipping

A practical Biblical study of the words of Scripture, “inspired and preserved.”

decorating your home

Decorating Your Home Creatively and Inexpensively $12.00
by Frieda Cowling

Mrs. Frieda Cowling gives tips for decorating your home inexpensively.  Complete with pictures and practical advice this book makes it easy to turn your house into a home.

understanding your husband and understanding your wife

Understanding Your Husband and Understanding Your Wife $12.00
by Pete and Frieda Cowling

This marriage book is filled with funny entertaining stories and Scriptural principles.

recipes for rearing children

Recipes for Rearing Children $12.00
by Pete and Frieda Cowling

Dr. and Mrs. Pete Cowling teach you everything from rearing infants to enjoying grandchildren in this creative child rearing book with practical biblical principles. (DVD Included)

Principles of Proper Weight Control

Principles of Proper Weight Control (From a Glutton’s Point of View) $6.00
by Frieda Cowling

Mrs. Frieda Cowling shares how her attempts at weight control failed until she got God involved.

scriptural solutions

Scriptural Solutions Book 1 $12.00
by Loretta Walker

I’ve lived my life fighting my feelings and my emotions. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose. I do know why I win when I win: I go to the Word of God to help calm my soul. In the nineties I started compiling Scriptures to help me practice Philippians 4:8 thinking because I realized the Christian life is not measured by how you act when all is going well but rather how you react when your life is upside down. I believe the truths contained in this book could do the same for you! Run to its pages the next time you embrace a feeling that you need to keep in check. Run to it the next time you are tempted to give in to the flesh or when you have lost the joy of your salvation.

Loretta Walker

a time to choose yvonne coats

A Time To Choose Crossroads Series Vol. 1 $12.00
(Available in Kindle Format also!)
by Yvonne E. Coats

From a Close-Knit Family in Washington State to a Nanny Position in an Aristocratic Home, the First Book in the Crossroad Series Will Capture Your Heart! Reared in a loving Christian home in Washington state, Bethany Prescott accepts employment as a nanny in the aristocratic home of the Davenport family after graduating from high school. Bethany soon realizes how difficult her job will be when she meets Michael, her young charge. Seeking solace in the Davenports’ church, Grace Baptist Church, Bethany joins the youth group. Her sweet loveliness and unguarded naivete quickly capture the attention of handsome Scott Lancaster. Will he be the man of her dreams? Bethany cannot possibly foresee the impact her choices will make on the lives of those she is growing to love. An unexpected meeting with John Holman further complicates the decisions Bethany must make.

Yvonne E. Coats is a faithful member of a fundamental baptist church in Washington state.

love's choice yvonne coats

Love’s Choice Crossroads Series Vol. 2 $12.00
(Available in Kindle Format also!)
by Yvonne E. Coats

Yesterday Bethany Prescott was a nanny in an aristocratic home, enjoying luxuries and guiding a young boy who had been reared by permissive grandparents and absentee parents. Today she is a Bible college student learning to build relationships with other college students. New trials soon invade her life—a roommate with a dark, life-threatening secret; the continued attentions of charming Scott Lancaster; jealousy; disappointment…

Yvonne E. Coats is a faithful member of a fundamental baptist church in Washington state.

crossroads choice by yvonne coats

Crossroads Choice Crossroads Series Vol. 3 $12.00
(Available in Kindle Format also!)
by Yvonne E. Coats

This is the continuing story of Bethany Prescott–a sequel to “A Time to Choose” and “Love’s Choice.” Bethany is now in her final year of Bible college and has received an engagement ring from her future husband, John Holman. After wedding plans, graduation, and the excitement of the wedding come the realities of married life. The young couple’s love for each other and the Lord grows as they learn to trust Him in all circumstances. Their strong faith helps Bethany and John find that indeed “joy cometh in the morning.”

Yvonne E. Coats is a faithful member of a fundamental baptist church in Washington state.

portraits of grace book

Portraits of Grace $18.00
by Debi Young

Studying the lives of the women of the Bible has been a beneficial and delightful endeavor! Their stories have provided needed inspiration, comfort, hope, and guidance, as well as chastening! The truths to be gained from their stories are as endless and inexhaustible as the rest of the Bible. Those I have chosen for this book—Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Miriam, and Hannah—are real women—not imaginary characters in a fairy tale or even a parable designed to teach a message. Some made mistakes, felt the sting of unfair treatment, struggled in their relationships, and suffered loss. Some trusted God completely, while others wrestled with unbelief. May the lessons I have learned from their lives be as helpful to you as they have been to me.

job's wife

Job’s Wife
The Untold Story of a Woman Caught in Life’s Adversity
by Ruth Ellen Zuber
$10.00+$3.50 Shipping

Her husband is sitting in the ash heap, scraping his diseased body with a piece of pottery. Her children have been killed, along with most of the servants. The animals are either dead or stolen. Where has her life gone? Yesterday, she was the wife of one of the most affluent men in the east. Now her life is shattered and possibly threatened.

How will she survive? She is afraid, but where will she go? Should she tell others how she is feeling? Would they understand? She is alone and desperately wants her old life back. How can she go on?

Have you ever felt like that? Life can change in a moment, and what you know to be reality today may only be a memory tomorrow. Ruth Ellen weaves her personal story along with an imaginary Job’s wife. Together they will bring you through any adversity you may face with an understanding that God is sovereign and in control even when everything seems to be spinning out of control.

the man who made the difference

The Man Who Made the Difference, Women Whose Lives Were Touched by Jesus
Bible Study Book

A 96-page King James Version Bible study on women whose lives were touched by Jesus.

Including a Bible Study about:

  • A Rejected Woman
  • A Lonely Woman
  • A Committed Woman
  • A Stressed-Out Woman

Concluding with a salvation story.

divorce hurts

Divorce Hurts, Be a Godly Encourager by Cheryl R. Jones

This book does not focus on divorce, but rather gives Biblical principles on how to help those who are hurting from divorce. This book will help them renew their fellowship with God and focus on serving.


Devotional Books

ready for the day

Ready for the Day $10.00

A 90-day devotional of Bible challenges for life relationships.

ready for the day 2

Ready for the Day 2 $10.00
by Molly Audiss

Devotions That Will Give You a Daily Attitude Check!

  • 60 Days of Short Devotions with Recommended Bible Reading
  • A Great Way to Jump Start Your Day
  • Be Challenged in Your Life Relationships in a Way You Never Thought Possible!
  • Do You Care About Being an Ephesians 4:32 Lady? Read and Let the Truth Help You.
pause devotional

Pause-Peaceful Moments with God $10.00
by Sharon Rabon

A sixty-day devotional written to help women set aside time each day to pause and spend a peaceful moment with God.

heart for the Lord

A Heart for the Lord $15.00
by Glorianne K. Gibbs

The third devotional for women by Mrs. Glorianne Gibbs, this book highlights daily verses for study and meditation and gives practical life applications. Our prayer and heart’s desire is that you will be blessed with this book.

a godly heritage devotional annie o. miller

A Godly Heritage: A 31-Day Devotional $12.95

A Godly Heritage is a compilation of 31 daily uplifting devotions with accompanying Scripture. Through the pages of this book a reader will discover the influence a godly grandmother can have on succeeding generations.

Selah Pause to Ponder by Sharon Rabon

Selah-Pause to Ponder $10.00 by Sharon Rabon

A sixty day devotional for ladies to help them pause during their day and spend time to receive help from God’s Word.


Teen Books

a game plan for life

A Game Plan for Life $6.00
by K.W. Walker

Attention Young Men! I used my love for football and the desire to transfer some of my life experiences to create this guidebook.

Some of the subjects addressed include:

Building a walk with God
Listening to Biblical authority
Getting along with others
Preparing for your future financially
And much more!

I hope and pray that you will use the guidelines in this book to make a game plan for life.

emotion control

Emotion Control $6.00
by Jeannie Walker Churchill

This book/workbook is a short class in emotion control to help cure the “drama queen” in all of us! If you are a mother buying this for your teenager, be sure to check on her while she is reading it. Make her accountable to actually fill out each chapter. You will be glad that you did.

mind management

Mind Management $6.00
by Jeannie Walker Churchill

-Are you prone to thinking self-destructive thoughts?
-Do you find yourself doubting your abilities?
-Are you working with people whom you can’t seem to please?
Then this book is for you!

Jeannie’s transparent personal illustrations and helpful thoughts patterns add refreshing insight for teen girls facing the greatest battle-the battle for the mind!

uncertain dealing with shyness and insecurity cover

Uncertain Dealing with Shyness and Insecurity $6.00
by Jeannie Walker Churchill

Are you tired of feeling out of place everywhere you go?

Do you get upset with yourself for how awkward you feel?

Do you find yourself shrinking into the crowd to avoid being noticed?

Are simple conversations a struggle?

This short but informative book can help you understand yourself and overcome the uncertainty that is holding you back from being all God wants you to be.

is your fruit sweet or sour karen finn

Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? A Teen Girl’s Guide to Christian Living $12.99
by Karen Finn

  “Most young women will not actively seek a Bible study book on their own, but the adults who are influential in their lives, will.”

               Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? can be used for the following:  

                Sunday school class curriculum

*   Mother/daughter devotionals

*   Young adult Christian ministries

*    Christian school Bible class material (Jr. or Sr. High)

*    Personal devotional/Bible study

*    Christian Girl’s Homes

*    Bible study on the foreign mission field

*    Mentoring relationships

*     … and so much more!


Children’s Books

catch the spirit of coloring book

Catch the Spirit of…Coloring Book $12.00
by Kevin and Loretta Walker

Twenty-six Biblical character lessons to color and learn.  Perfect for the classroom or home.

gabby coloring book

On the Trail of the Holcomb Gang $5.00
by Jeannie Walker Churchill

Ranger Walker and Gabby are chasing outlaws when they meet up with some unexpected company, Billy and Sally.  Join them in this entertaining story as they are on the trail of the Holcomb gang!

Filled with activities this coloring story book is perfect for the home or classroom.

new testament children's prayer journal

New Testament Children’s Bible and Prayer Guide Vol. 2 $10.00
by Kevin L. Walker

This is a neat little book that will introduce your children to reading the King James Bible on a daily basis as well as give them a foundation for prayer.
With this book your child will read 10 to 15 verses of the Bible each day – covering the major doctrines of the New Testament.

old testament children's prayer journal

Old Testament Children’s Bible and Prayer Guide Vol. 1 $10.00
by Kevin L. Walker

This is a neat little book that will introduce your children to reading the King James Bible on a daily basis as well as give them a foundation for prayer.
With this book your child will read 10 to 15 verses of the Bible each day – covering the major doctrines of the Old Testament.

georgie the frog

Georgie the Frog-Having Fun Again! $15
by Glorianne K. Gibbs

Her fourth book in this delightful Georgie the Frog series teaches more life lessons and Bible verses through creative and fun stories. Georgie the Frog moves to a new home in this new tale!