The Point

“I Need a SHORT List”


I get overwhelmed easily by a long to-do list. Thankfully, our loving Father provides us with short lists in His Word. Be encouraged today as we talk about this topic. Love you, Friends!

“The God Who Stays”


If you have trust issues from events in your past, or if you are simply human, and therefore, tend to lack trust in others- May I point you to a loyal, faithful, loving Father? He will never leave. He is the God Who Stays! I want that level of commitment in my own life toward others! I hope you’ll be encouraged with today’s 5-minute message.

“The Fastest Way to Check Your Heart”


Have you ever had a day when you wake up and your mind is already starting in with the negative thoughts? It seems that negative thoughts are closing in on you more and more , making you feel stuck. We all experience this. Unchecked, this ultimately leads to a day filled with negative actions and words and deeds and regrets. There are ways to battle this. Let’s discuss combating the negative thoughts that sometimes
seem to overwhelm us.

“I Feel Used”


All of us have felt at times that someone is taking advantage of us.  What do you do about it?

“Humility? Or Insecurity?”


Do we hide behind false modesty when actually we’re afraid or insecure? We may be missing opportunities to influence and help others as we stand back and stay safely inside our comfort zones.

“Daily Deeds Done = A Life Well-Lived”


Does what you do everyday even matter? I’m here to tell you- it does! Your small, daily acts of kindness add up to a wonderfully well-lived life! Keep up the great (and important) work!



Awww, nothing like a funny cockroach story to start off your week. 😀 Maybe you can identify with what happened to me.

“It’s a JOY to Serve the Lord!”


We’re walking through Psalm 149 together this week, as we remember how much FUN it is to be a Christian!

“God, The Giver of ALL Givers!


Talking about my favorite subject today- our AWESOME God! I hope you can hear the smile on my face as we spend 10 minutes together in amazement of our Giving Heavenly Father!

“Ending a Dry Spell with the Lord


We all have times when we go through dry spells spiritually. God does not feel near. Possibly we even start to doubt some of the core beliefs that we have. I want to talk about that today and encourage you! There’s a way that we see in scripture that people who had been apart from the Lord for a while found him again and recognized Jesus.

“A Good Strong Dose of Reality is a Great Benefit


“My Way or the Highway


I couldn’t help but think of Mrs. Marlene Evans as I recorded this week’s audio. Do any of you remember her saying- Cheerfully and willingly, giving up your way, several times a day, and never mentioning it”? I can still hear her saying it.

“Not Even a Thanks?


All that work, and you didn’t even get acknowledged for it? Here’s a weekly check-in for accountability. How have you been handling those moments when you deserved notice, or praise, or, thanks, and you didn’t get it?

“I KNOW I’m Loved, But How Do I BELIEVE It?


Friends, do you ever struggle with BELIEVING that God loves you, personally and individually, even though you read it in Scripture? You KNOW Jesus blesses you…just you…. but your heart has a difficult time receiving it? Be encouraged- you aren’t alone in feeling that way! And, what’s even better, Jesus is the answer for this (like He always is!) Let’s discuss this topic together today.

“Only 16 Hours


The busyness and craziness of our lives can bring us quickly to overwhelm. I feel that. Today I’m sharing a life-changing tip that has made all the difference for to me in how I handle life when it feels like too much. God’s Word has the answer!

“Quit Chasing the Quick Fix


Let me be your best friend as I slap you with this truth- it’s not all about the fun. There. I said it, because I needed the reminder. Most of life isn’t that exciting and thrilling. No, it’s not you. It’s not your life your personality or your poor choices. It’s Adulting. Let’s talk about that for a few minutes together today.

“The Problem with Fairytales


What do we do when the Fairytale doesn’t live up to real life? This talk will not be what you think- I hope you’ll join me for 10 minutes today.

“The Family Traits


Each of us have family traits, physical and spiritual, that have been passed down to us. Through God’s help, we can end generational sins AND we can pass on the faith and righteous living we have seen in our heritage.

“My Aldi’s Mattress


Remember when you were a newlywed, and you didn’t have two dimes to rub together? Wonderful memories! ❤️Let’s talk about God’s abundant Grace (and get a few laughs in, too😂)

“New Thoughts to Begin a New Year


As we begin a new year and strive to reach new goals, let’s avoid a few obstacles. There are three mindsets that will destroy any long-lasting changes we are trying to make this year. If we realize what the obstacles are, they will be easier to avoid.