The Point

“The Problem with Fairytales


What do we do when the Fairytale doesn’t live up to real life? This talk will not be what you think- I hope you’ll join me for 10 minutes today.

“The Family Traits


Each of us have family traits, physical and spiritual, that have been passed down to us. Through God’s help, we can end generational sins AND we can pass on the faith and righteous living we have seen in our heritage.

“My Aldi’s Mattress


Remember when you were a newlywed, and you didn’t have two dimes to rub together? Wonderful memories! ❤️Let’s talk about God’s abundant Grace (and get a few laughs in, too😂)

“New Thoughts to Begin a New Year


As we begin a new year and strive to reach new goals, let’s avoid a few obstacles. There are three mindsets that will destroy any long-lasting changes we are trying to make this year. If we realize what the obstacles are, they will be easier to avoid.

“Three Amazing Christmas Gifts-for YOU


Have you ever shaken a wrapped gift, hoping to figure out what’s inside? Well, there are 3 beautfully-wrapped gifts under the tree with YOUR name on them! They are from our rich Heavenly Father. They are super expensive and just exactly what you want and need. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’ll give you a hint: your gifts begin with these letters: P, L, SM. You’re gonna LOVE them! Merry Christmas!

“Last Minute Gift Ideas


What can we give to Someone who has everything? Listen today for 3 practical ideas that will help us give some pretty amazing (and free!) gifts that will truly mean a lot.

“The Annual Christmastime Reminder: DON’T FREAK OUT!


You, yes You, my Friend, need this reminder at this festive time of year: Chill Out! We all must remind ourselves that great memories are not made when Mom blows a gasket! And there will be many “Gasket-Blowing” opportunities coming in the next 3 weeks. Take a few minutes and laugh with (at) me as we remember to LET it Go!!