The Point

“Bread That is Bad for Our Health”


Some of us have to stay away from breads and carbs for physical health. There is a bread in the Bible that God warns us against that is not good for our spiritual health. And most of us eat a lot of it!
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“Working Hard & Loving It!”


Work. We all do it. What is our mentality about all the jobs we must do in a week’s time? We can learn to enjoy hard work. Let’s talk about this important topic today.
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“A Positive Outlook on Life”


We must decide on purpose to limit the negative voices that we allow in our lives and dwell on ALL THE AMAZING ADVANTAGES we have! Turn off the news. Shut off the podcasts of those who are criticizing others. Think about all the good things God gives us every. single. day.
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“Save It for Later”


The tongue. Such a little thing that causes SO MUCH TROUBLE! Here’s a tip on how we can avoid so much pain and suffering caused by our words.
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“Have a Laugh on Me”


Here’s a funny story to make you laugh and say “At least I’m not the only one” 😂
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“Cool Shoes!”


Learn what people like; become interested in the interests of others. This is a great way to bond. Leave your world to enter theirs. Let’s talk relationships today.
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“You’re Doing a Great Job!”


God sees all that you do. He is happy with you! He will remember this day and reward you for it. You’re doing a great job!
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“Do You Have ‘That Lovin’ Feelin’?'”


Do you have a Bleeding Heart? Is that a sign of your spiritual level? Let’s take a few minutes today and discuss empathy and its benefits and dangers.
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“Could You Please Be More Specific?”


To be successful in our lives, it is important to know what goals we are trying to reach. I would love to encourage you to sit down, spend some time thinking about each area of your life, spiritual, emotional, physical…write down specific goals, then decide how to reach those goals. Purpose! Listen to this short audio and be encouraged to be more specific in what you want to accomplish in your life.
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“Let People Help You”


Jesus is our example of building relationships. He is the Master Communicator! Let’s take a look at his conversation with the woman at the well, and learn a tip from Him about breaking down barriers with strangers. Some practical advice for our daily life.
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