The Point

I am excited to give you another opportunity for encouragement from Christian Womanhood. We will now be emailing an audio message from Molly Audiss every Monday. It’s called “The Point” because she plans on getting right straight to the point of the matter.

Molly has been involved with Christian Womanhood for many many years and has been helping me with eVotions ever since I took over in 2013. I believe she has great thoughts that help us all to be better for the Lord.

The written eVotions will now begin to be sent out on Wednesday. Thank you for being a part of our ministry.  We love what we get to do for the Lord.

Loretta Walker



What is a sacrifice to you? For many of us, it is a sacrifice to refrain from speaking when we have an opinion. Let’s talk today about Queen Esther and learn from her wisdom.

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“The Waiting Game”


Waiting is so hard! Especially if you feel that you are waiting to be used by God. Let’s discuss the feelings that come from waiting to do the “big” things for the Lord.

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“So Many Questions”


Jesus had wonderful people skills! Let’s take a look this week at ways in which He dealt with those around Him from day to day.

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“He Knows a Way to Make a Way”


Do you struggle with a burden that seems hopeless? You cannot imagine how it could be solved? Let me encourage you today, Friend, we know the One who knows a way!

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“The Way God Gives Us Help Part 2”


I am re-visiting a topic from a couple weeks ago- getting and giving counsel. I hope you’ll join me for a 2nd look at a wonderful way God works for us and through us.

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“Time Well Spent”


“Why worry, when you can pray?” And, may I add…. Why worry, fear, try to control, and waste time on anything outside our own ability to control it? Let’s live positive, productive days filled with faith and contentment.

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“The Way God Gives Us Help”


This week we’ll talk about the practical way in which God designed us to live as Christians, getting the help we need and giving the help others need. Tune in for quick reminder of something that is vital for women to have and give.

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Here’s a laugh from my childhood. There’s nothing funnier than a teenaged boy!

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“The Security of No”


Kids need the security of principled parenting. And, as little children of God, we can also rest in the love of our Heavenly Father when He says “No.”

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“There is a Reason for Everything”


Some stories are embarrassing to tell, look at the one I am sharing today. A classic, “Don’t be like me” moment on today’s audio. Enjoy!

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“A Christian’s DNA”


Calling all dog lovers! On this week’s episode, I am describing my little pet lapdog. Join me a 5 minute challenge on putting God’s glory as our priority.
(Pictured below is Molly’s dog.)

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“Anna’s Gift to the World”


We never know how or when God will use us to influence others.

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“What If It’s Impossible?”


Stand in awe and be amazed. It’s not about how much we do, but rather, Who we know.

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“A Sweet Smelling Savor”


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“Follow the Example of Jesus”


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