The Point

“Can You Rephrase That?”


“People can say the craziest things! The disciples asked Jesus questions that seemed so awkward or inappropriate, even disrespectful- and He always handled it beautifully. Let’s learn some amazing people skills from the Master this week. I hope this 5 minutes can help you in your relationships and increase your influence.”
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“Forgive Yourself for Being Human”


“We are going to make lots of mistakes along the way in this Christian life, even though we have great intentions and doing our very best. I just want to say today that I hope we go easy on ourselves and forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make as we’re trying to do what’s right in our relationships -in our marriage and in our parenting. Here’s a short devotion this morning that I hope really encourages you. Have a great Thanksgiving!!”

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“‘Good’ Does Not Mean ‘Perfect'”


We ladies have really great imaginations, and we can assume a lot of things. Our thoughts can run away with us and convince us that others have perfect lives with no struggles. The devil lies to us and these lies may keep us from approaching ladies that might help us, might befriend us, and might be able to give us advice that we need desperately! Let’s not allow Satan to keep you from each other with lies of how perfect someone else’s life, or how you could never be able to measure up.

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“Make Your Life ‘Very Good'”


The lives of people whom we most admire are not those individuals who settle for average. or who wonder “What’s wrong with that?” If we are going to reach our full potential, we will be more concerned about what is the best for us in every area. Listen today for 5 minutes of inspiration on becoming our best selves for Christ.

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“Sweep Your Own Doorstep”


Today we have the opportunity to create change! That change comes through how WE show up for our OWN life. Go inspire someone for God today!

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“A Gift in Secret”


When you are dealing with the assumption that someone does not like you, but you haven’t done anything you know that requires an apology- let me give you a tip on what has helped many times through the years. Listen to today’s audio for a practical way to get past the “they don’t like me” feeling in a relationship.

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“Maybe God Didn’t Shut the Door After All”


“It is easy to conjure up divine intervention for poor performance. Don’t fall for that. Get busy getting better!” -BobGoff

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“Always Choose to Laugh”


“Life happens! So many things go wrong,  even after we thought through everything, planned for everything, and thought we had all of our ducks in a row. Then life happens. Let’s remember that the best option is- laughter. The sooner we can laugh at ourselves and life’s funny situations, the better our lives will be. Enjoy this funny story of yet another good intention gone wrong in the life of Molly Audiss.”

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“The Fig Tree”


“Every single circumstance that happened to Christ while on Earth, He used to help and  encourage others. He didn’t waste anything.  If we open our eyes, we will begin to see how every day  circumstances can be life lessons to build up those around us.”

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“The Beautiful Gift of the Christian Community”


“I share a story this week about something that happened at a bridal shower last Saturday. The evidence of the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives through other believers was beautifully shown to me during this party. I hope this audio is an encouragement to you.”

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“Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”


“I want to treat people with the kind compassion that Jesus had when He spoke to others in His earthly ministry. Let’s take a look at John chapter 13 and 14 today and realize how encouraging Jesus was when others failed.”

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“That’s Fair”


“Do you have a person in your life that you love talking to, because they always make you feel HEARD? I have a couple close friends like that. Here are a couple key phrases we can use to help others want to have more conversations with us.”

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“Life is Full of Options, Easy is Not One”


“We make choices all day everyday. Do we choose “hard” now, or living “hard” later? The option is always up to us.”

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“The Gift of a Good Thought”


“A wonderful gift that we can give to those over whom we have influence, is teaching them how to respect the authority positions in their life. Let’s talk today about respect and realize who actually benefits the MOST from giving respect to authority.”

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“The Gift of Giving Respect”


“A wonderful gift that we can give to those over whom we have influence, is teaching them how to respect the authority positions in their life. Let’s talk today about respect and realize who actually benefits the MOST from giving respect to authority.”

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“Our Words-Strain Twice”


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“What is a True Apology?”


“I said I was sorry! Why are they still acting that way?” Let’s talk about something that is hard to do-giving a TRUE apology. Listen to this audio as I explain today what a TRUE apology is.

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“God Smiles Over You”


God is a Proud Daddy, Who loves His children so much! My Friend, all the “little things” you do this week, they may not seem like a big deal to you, but you’re making your Heavenly Father proud. You put a smile on His face!

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“Jesus, the Ultimate Example of Meekness”


Sometimes it’s intimidating to speak to those who seem to “have it altogether.” Jesus was our example in seeing everyone the same, and treating each person as important and worthy, no matter what their social or financial status.

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“Drop It”


Who likes to play fetch with their dog? I do. But my little dog does not understand the last part of the game- letting go of the ball.  Our Christian lives are an endless series of letting go. It’s obedience, then the faith to let go and Let God have it. Every. Single. Day.

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“Why Didn’t She Smile at Me?”


When people do not treat us how we wish to be treated, those are very crucial moments of decision in life. How will we handle it? Our choice means the difference between good relationships and tense relationships, even ruined relationships. Those moments of decision are so important and must be well- established habits of mind control. Because people have bad days. Don’t we all? 😀

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“One Good Thing We Can Take from Trials”


Trials in this life are not wanted. We would never choose them. But there is something we gain from trials that we would not have without them-an understanding heart of compassion. Let’s talk about this today while we look at Jesus’ example to us while on Earth.

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“The Man Who Impressed Jesus”


What do our prayers for others sound like? How much faith in the Lord do we have to answer those prayers THE WAY HE CHOOSES? There was a man in the Bible who made Jesus marvel. That is amazing- a human being can amaze God! Let’s talk about faith in prayer this week.

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“Quit Stirring the Chili!”


We have too much good to accomplish in this life, in this day, to stand at the stove all day long, stirring the chili. Listen to this short audio and be reminded how love handles wrong compared to how hate deals with it.

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“Stop! No More Changes”


I hate change. I just wish everything could stay the same. But life is change. If you are having a hard time with changes happening in your life, take a few minutes and listen to this audio and be encouraged. God knows.

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“The Ugly ‘P’ Word”


I am sharing a missionary wive’s story today and we talk about the Ugly “P” word-Pride. Please share a few minutes with me today as I
re-tell a story of life on the mission field in the 1930s.

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What is a sacrifice to you? For many of us, it is a sacrifice to refrain from speaking when we have an opinion. Let’s talk today about Queen Esther and learn from her wisdom.

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“The Waiting Game”


Waiting is so hard! Especially if you feel that you are waiting to be used by God. Let’s discuss the feelings that come from waiting to do the “big” things for the Lord.

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“So Many Questions”


Jesus had wonderful people skills! Let’s take a look this week at ways in which He dealt with those around Him from day to day.

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“He Knows a Way to Make a Way”


Do you struggle with a burden that seems hopeless? You cannot imagine how it could be solved? Let me encourage you today, Friend, we know the One who knows a way!

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“The Way God Gives Us Help Part 2”


I am re-visiting a topic from a couple weeks ago- getting and giving counsel. I hope you’ll join me for a 2nd look at a wonderful way God works for us and through us.

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“Time Well Spent”


“Why worry, when you can pray?” And, may I add…. Why worry, fear, try to control, and waste time on anything outside our own ability to control it? Let’s live positive, productive days filled with faith and contentment.

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“The Way God Gives Us Help”


This week we’ll talk about the practical way in which God designed us to live as Christians, getting the help we need and giving the help others need. Tune in for quick reminder of something that is vital for women to have and give.

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Here’s a laugh from my childhood. There’s nothing funnier than a teenaged boy!

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“The Security of No”


Kids need the security of principled parenting. And, as little children of God, we can also rest in the love of our Heavenly Father when He says “No.”

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“There is a Reason for Everything”


Some stories are embarrassing to tell, look at the one I am sharing today. A classic, “Don’t be like me” moment on today’s audio. Enjoy!

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“A Christian’s DNA”


Calling all dog lovers! On this week’s episode, I am describing my little pet lapdog. Join me a 5 minute challenge on putting God’s glory as our priority.
(Pictured below is Molly’s dog.)

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“Anna’s Gift to the World”


We never know how or when God will use us to influence others.

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“What If It’s Impossible?”


Stand in awe and be amazed. It’s not about how much we do, but rather, Who we know.

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“A Sweet Smelling Savor”


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“Follow the Example of Jesus”


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