The Point

“The Power of a Question”


Let’s talk today about building relationships. I recently read a the findings of a survey about couples that stay happy together for the long-term. It is a very interesting thing they do. Even MORE interested, it is something the God show us in the Bible that He does with man!

“Seasons of Overwhelm”


If you are feeling, restless, anxious, nervous, or depressed, there are a few things you should do right away. So many things in life, we cannot control, but we CAN control what comes into our ears, and eyes through our phones , TVs, computers, and radios. Sometimes we must start block out the high-speed amount of knowledge that is pouring into our minds each day through reels, tick-tocs, shorts, and podcasts….even books! There are times to set those things aside, when that huge dump of information steals our peace. At certain times, all we should to come into our brains is the Word of God.

“Get Good at Receiving God’s Love”


It’s sometimes easier to give good things (gifts, compliments, good deeds, etc.) to others than it is to receive them, ourselves. If we become aware of how much the Lord is showing us His personal love each and every day, and usually through OTHERS, we can begin to accept all good and kind deeds as gifts from Him. Let’s strive to become grateful receivers.

“What Your Boss Truly Wants”


Yet again I saw something new in my Bible reading today! Moses is the man to look at for leadership AND followship principles. What an amazing leader, yet the way he meekly followed is the true amazement! Let’s look at how we can be better followers by his example in Numbers 27.

“Good News for the People Pleasers”


Are you a people pleaser? If we’re honest, most all of us can say yes to that, at least to some degree. I’d like to give you some very encouraging thoughts today. Possibly this mindset will help you to stop blaming yourself, or feeling shame or guilt. We simply need to ask ourselves- “Why,” the motive for what we do. If God is first place, we need not spend too much time overthinking who has second and third place. I hope this audio will be an inspiration and encouragement to all my fellow people pleasers!

“The Power of God”


Do you have faith today to believe God for something impossible? You can’t see a way for there to be a solution- but you believe enough to know – HE CAN! Here is 5 minutes of encouragement for you! Simply believe in a big, HUGE God!

“I Never Saw It Was THIS Important!”


I’m stunned. Most of my life I have heard (and taught) about the importance of our words….but just HOW important….it never dawned on me until I read through the book of Job this month. Join me for the most important 8 minutes I’ve ever given on this subject.

“Let’s Talk About Those Resolutions Part 2”


We’re talking again about having goals, failing, and then….. what happens next is the most important part! I’m sharing a couple ideas that have REALLY helped me with my mindset about setbacks. I hope they help you, too.

“Let’s Talk About Those Resolutions Part 1”


Did you make New Years Resolutions? How is it going? I’d like to discuss the ‘failure’ of a goal and how it can be our best friend. What? Failure a friend? Yes! I hope to encourage you today. Join me for a few minutes as we discuss what to do when we miss our own expectations for ourselves.

“Put On Your Seatbelt Already!”


Yet another ‘Molly’ story to start off your week with a laugh. Some of you may identify with what happened to me last weekend. I hope you’ll share 6 minutes with me, as I recall an illustration of how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. Have a great week, Friends!

“Giving the Gift of JOY (Jesus, Others, You) Part 3”


Hope you had a Merry Christmas! We are wrapping up (pun intended😂) our series on giving the gift of Joy! This week, let’s talk about a super-practical thing we can do for ourselves that will help us in BIG ways on this holiday. God bless you, Friends! Love you❤️🎄

“Giving the Gift of JOY (Jesus, Others, You) Part 2”


Week 2 of Giving JOY! This week we’re discussing something that you can give to others that costs nothing, but can make a huge difference in their life AND YOURS!

“Giving the Gift of JOY (Jesus, Others, You) Part 1”


It’s Christmas Season! Let’s take this month to discuss ways we can give gifts that bring JOY- gifts for Jesus, Others, and You (yourself). Today we’ll talk about something we can give Jesus that He REALLY loves!

“I Need a SHORT List”


I get overwhelmed easily by a long to-do list. Thankfully, our loving Father provides us with short lists in His Word. Be encouraged today as we talk about this topic. Love you, Friends!

“The God Who Stays”


If you have trust issues from events in your past, or if you are simply human, and therefore, tend to lack trust in others- May I point you to a loyal, faithful, loving Father? He will never leave. He is the God Who Stays! I want that level of commitment in my own life toward others! I hope you’ll be encouraged with today’s 5-minute message.

“The Fastest Way to Check Your Heart”


Have you ever had a day when you wake up and your mind is already starting in with the negative thoughts? It seems that negative thoughts are closing in on you more and more , making you feel stuck. We all experience this. Unchecked, this ultimately leads to a day filled with negative actions and words and deeds and regrets. There are ways to battle this. Let’s discuss combating the negative thoughts that sometimes
seem to overwhelm us.

“I Feel Used”


All of us have felt at times that someone is taking advantage of us.  What do you do about it?

“Humility? Or Insecurity?”


Do we hide behind false modesty when actually we’re afraid or insecure? We may be missing opportunities to influence and help others as we stand back and stay safely inside our comfort zones.

“Daily Deeds Done = A Life Well-Lived”


Does what you do everyday even matter? I’m here to tell you- it does! Your small, daily acts of kindness add up to a wonderfully well-lived life! Keep up the great (and important) work!



Awww, nothing like a funny cockroach story to start off your week. 😀 Maybe you can identify with what happened to me.

“It’s a JOY to Serve the Lord!”


We’re walking through Psalm 149 together this week, as we remember how much FUN it is to be a Christian!

“God, The Giver of ALL Givers!


Talking about my favorite subject today- our AWESOME God! I hope you can hear the smile on my face as we spend 10 minutes together in amazement of our Giving Heavenly Father!

“Ending a Dry Spell with the Lord


We all have times when we go through dry spells spiritually. God does not feel near. Possibly we even start to doubt some of the core beliefs that we have. I want to talk about that today and encourage you! There’s a way that we see in scripture that people who had been apart from the Lord for a while found him again and recognized Jesus.

“A Good Strong Dose of Reality is a Great Benefit