The Point

“It’s Time to Push Past Fear”


What place does fear have in your life? God did not put those fears inside of you. This is the time to realize what all of your fears are-make a list! Then, with God’s help, let’s start overcoming those fears, by His grace. Live the life He intended for you by eliminating the crippling fears that keep you from bringing Him glory!
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“3:00 a.m. Wakeup”


Psalm 127:2, “It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.”
Do you find yourself waking up each night between 2-3 a.m., and you can’t go back to sleep? That’s so frustrating! When that happens to me, I know what I must change. I’d like to talk about this for the next couple weeks.
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“We CAN Do Something to Fight Against Evil!”


For those like myself, it may be hard to feel that we have nothing we can DO to fight the wickedness and evil we see in this world. I love when I can DO something! God is so good! Proverbs 28:4 tells us that we CAN actually do something to fight back! Join me and be encouraged by the power of righteous living!
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“God LOVES Our Emotional Side!”


Happy Heart Day! This week is the perfect time to look in Matthew 22 and Mark 12 and see that Jesus tells us how much God LOVES when we love Him emotionally! Let’s give Jesus the gift He loves MOST, a tender, emotionally heart of love.
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“Take One for the Team”


Paul asked Christians in I Cor. 6:7… “Why do ye not rather take wrong?” Sometimes Jesus asks us to “Take one for the team.”  When we feel that we are being unfairly treated, our reaction can make the difference between severing a relationship and keeping a relationship. We always want to keep doors wide open for the future, if we can. Let’s suffer a little bit of wrong directed toward us, even unfairly, for the sake of Jesus. We can love best during the dark times.
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“Free Yourself from the Need to Be Thanked”


In a lifetime, we will probably never outgrow the desire to be thanked for what we do And what we give. But we can free ourselves from the expectation of gratitude that pops into our heads the moment we give something to someone. We never want the expectation of getting thanks in return to keep us from giving without reservation, or worse, to cause a root of bitterness in our lives. Listen today for a 10 second tips on how to overcome that expectation.
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“My Stinking Attitude”


Yup, completely telling on myself this week with a story about my rotten attitude and how it got turned around. I hope you enjoy!😀
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“The Heart Sees”


There is a Greek word for ‘compassion’ that is only used in the 4 Gospels. It is specific to Jesus. His compassion was a strong, emotional, moving compassion that is mentioned in verses with the word ‘see.’ Jesus SAW people and it filled Him with compassion. He really SAW them. He thought about them. I want to encourage you this week- Jesus sees you! He is filled with love for you. Listen for 5 minutes of inspiration on living a life of compassion like Christ.
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“God’s Heart”


God is very near, and He thinks ‘in His heart’ about you and me! Let’s take a look at the story of Noah in Genesis 8, and be encouraged today.
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“Faith Over Fear in 2022”


What COULD you do this year if fear did not stop you? Let’s make this the year that we conquer our fears and step out in Faith, with God’s help. Tell us your Faith victories! I will be sharing mine this year, as I conquer my fears through the power of Jesus. Let’s make this a year of victory! Love you, Friends❤️
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“Enter the New Year with a MORE Mindset”


Going into a New Year, let’s refocus how we want to show up in our lives, and what we want to be for others. When Christ lived on Earth, He always chose to do MORE than what was required of Him. Let’s enter 2022 with that mindset, too! Happy New Year, Friends!
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“Unexpected Hurts”


“Have you ever just been going along in your daily life, and Bam! Out of nowhere, someone says the meanest thing and hurts you? You weren’t prepared. I’d like to share a short story with you this week of something like that that happened to me. It’s harder to handle pain when it rises up unexpectedly and you’ don’t have time to prepare. I hope that these few minutes can be a help to you as we discuss ways of handling unexpected pain.”
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“Can You Rephrase That?”


“People can say the craziest things! The disciples asked Jesus questions that seemed so awkward or inappropriate, even disrespectful- and He always handled it beautifully. Let’s learn some amazing people skills from the Master this week. I hope this 5 minutes can help you in your relationships and increase your influence.”
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“Forgive Yourself for Being Human”


“We are going to make lots of mistakes along the way in this Christian life, even though we have great intentions and doing our very best. I just want to say today that I hope we go easy on ourselves and forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make as we’re trying to do what’s right in our relationships -in our marriage and in our parenting. Here’s a short devotion this morning that I hope really encourages you. Have a great Thanksgiving!!”

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“‘Good’ Does Not Mean ‘Perfect'”


We ladies have really great imaginations, and we can assume a lot of things. Our thoughts can run away with us and convince us that others have perfect lives with no struggles. The devil lies to us and these lies may keep us from approaching ladies that might help us, might befriend us, and might be able to give us advice that we need desperately! Let’s not allow Satan to keep you from each other with lies of how perfect someone else’s life, or how you could never be able to measure up.

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“Make Your Life ‘Very Good'”


The lives of people whom we most admire are not those individuals who settle for average. or who wonder “What’s wrong with that?” If we are going to reach our full potential, we will be more concerned about what is the best for us in every area. Listen today for 5 minutes of inspiration on becoming our best selves for Christ.

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“Sweep Your Own Doorstep”


Today we have the opportunity to create change! That change comes through how WE show up for our OWN life. Go inspire someone for God today!

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“A Gift in Secret”


When you are dealing with the assumption that someone does not like you, but you haven’t done anything you know that requires an apology- let me give you a tip on what has helped many times through the years. Listen to today’s audio for a practical way to get past the “they don’t like me” feeling in a relationship.

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“Maybe God Didn’t Shut the Door After All”


“It is easy to conjure up divine intervention for poor performance. Don’t fall for that. Get busy getting better!” -BobGoff

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“Always Choose to Laugh”


“Life happens! So many things go wrong,  even after we thought through everything, planned for everything, and thought we had all of our ducks in a row. Then life happens. Let’s remember that the best option is- laughter. The sooner we can laugh at ourselves and life’s funny situations, the better our lives will be. Enjoy this funny story of yet another good intention gone wrong in the life of Molly Audiss.”

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“The Fig Tree”


“Every single circumstance that happened to Christ while on Earth, He used to help and  encourage others. He didn’t waste anything.  If we open our eyes, we will begin to see how every day  circumstances can be life lessons to build up those around us.”

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“The Beautiful Gift of the Christian Community”


“I share a story this week about something that happened at a bridal shower last Saturday. The evidence of the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives through other believers was beautifully shown to me during this party. I hope this audio is an encouragement to you.”

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“Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”


“I want to treat people with the kind compassion that Jesus had when He spoke to others in His earthly ministry. Let’s take a look at John chapter 13 and 14 today and realize how encouraging Jesus was when others failed.”

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“That’s Fair”


“Do you have a person in your life that you love talking to, because they always make you feel HEARD? I have a couple close friends like that. Here are a couple key phrases we can use to help others want to have more conversations with us.”

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“Life is Full of Options, Easy is Not One”


“We make choices all day everyday. Do we choose “hard” now, or living “hard” later? The option is always up to us.”

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“The Gift of a Good Thought”


“A wonderful gift that we can give to those over whom we have influence, is teaching them how to respect the authority positions in their life. Let’s talk today about respect and realize who actually benefits the MOST from giving respect to authority.”

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