Christian Womanhood Mother’s Day Books

Thou God Seest Me-Women of the Old Testament Who Could Have, But Didn’t Give Up

A Bible Study of Old Testament Women who wouldn’t give up during perilous times.  The one and only reason they kept on going was recognizing God was with them and had a plan. This book will help any woman who has or will face a tremendous trial. Learn where to go when you don’t know what to do.

$2.00 per book + shipping

Ready for the Day 3

This 60-day devotional is straight from the heart of Loretta Walker who has had a burden to help ladies get along with each other and draw closer to God. Each day you will be challenged with Scriptural thoughts on self improvements that guarantee better life relationships. Do you think we are living in tough times? A good way to thrive is to try some of the ideas in this book that will give you a closer relationship to your Heavenly Father.

$3.00 per book + shipping

The Man Who Made the Difference in Spanish!

A 96 page book of 10 Women whose lives were touched by Jesus!

Including a Bible Study about:

A Rejected Woman
A Lonely Woman
A Committed Woman
A Stressed-Out Woman

Concluding with a salvation story.

$1.50 per book + shipping

spanish the man who made the difference