Christian Womanhood Mother’s Day Books

Woman, Behold Thy Son
Nurturing Woman of the New Testament

These Bible studies of New Testament women focus on the theme of nurturing.  Ten chapters including Anna, Dorcas, Mary of Bethany, Lois, Elisabeth and five more ladies offer helps to revive nurturing in the home.

$2.00 per book + shipping

Quantities over 100 call for special pricing and if you want a different count, please call (219) 629-1545.

The Man Who Made the Difference in Spanish!

A 96 page book of 10 Women whose lives were touched by Jesus!

Including a Bible Study about:

A Rejected Woman
A Lonely Woman
A Committed Woman
A Stressed-Out Woman

Concluding with a salvation story.

$1.50 per book + shipping

spanish the man who made the difference
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