by Molly Audiss

Have you ever had your child come up to you and excitedly say, “Mom, you told me to ——(whatever advice you had given)——, and you were right!” Then they relay how using your suggestion made things turn out well for them in a certain situation. Isn’t that such a great feeling? They listened! It’s such a proud moment for a parent, knowing that your child listened to your advice and trusted you.

Our Heavenly Father feels that way, too. Often in the Old Testament God admonished His children to “Hear.” Or, Listen to Me. Just as often the Lord would say, “Obey my commandments.” Or, do what I am telling you to do, and everything will turn out well. I believe that God is happy when we remind Him of what He said, and then tell Him that we trust His Word. In other words…..

Pray using Scripture.

When I am asking the Lord for things for myself or others, things that are very important to me, I pray quoting God’s Words back to Him. I don’t mean that I pray like a whining toddler, “You SAID we could get ice cream!!!” I mean that I pray letting the Lord know that I believe what He said in His Word. I trust what He said. I am counting on Him to honor His Word. I believe Him completely.

Our God wants to prove to us that He is real and all-powerful. He even TOLD us to have Him “prove Himself.” Malachi 3:10. The Lord said…you do what I say (in this case, tithe), and I will prove to you that I can bless you more than you can ever imagine! Our mighty God wants us to ask Him to prove that His words are true. He delights in keeping His promises. Remind Him of those promises while you pray.

There have been 2 different times in our marriage that my husband and I desperately NEEDED God to work a miracle for us in the area of my husband’s career. These times came 20 years apart, and were completely different circumstances. But both times we had to have answers! I copied down about 20 Bible promises from Scripture on 3×5 cards and taped the verses all over our kitchen cabinets. The first time I did this, we were in a tiny newlywed apartment. The second time, we were in our current house. Each time I was working in the kitchen (which is a lot!), I would pray, quoting God’s promises back to Him. I did this for several months. I smile even as I write this. God MIRACULOUSLY came through for us, and even changed the entire course of our lives through His answers to prayer. These answers were HUGE! Watershed events. He poured out a blessing that was so much more than the I prayers I prayed. I tell this story over and over, because He is such a wonderful God, Who LOVES to honor His Word.

May I encourage you, Friend, pray using Bible verses. The Lord wants to know, just like any parent, that their child was listening, and that they trust His advice. If you do not know many verses or Bible promises, you can pick up a book of Bible promises that will list verses according to topic. I highly encourage you to dig into your Bible, put in the time to find the Bible promises yourself. Bible apps such as E-Sword or YouVersion (and several others) can help you search faster. These can be downloaded right onto your phone.

Praying using Scripture is powerful. Often, when someone asks me to pray about something specific, I will send them a text, telling them that I am praying for them, and that I am claiming a particular verse as I pray for them. Then, I list the verse I am claiming for them. Friends, this is not only a huge encouragement, because that person KNOWS you are, indeed, praying for them, but it is also an encouragement for them to have a specific verse to claim for themselves. So many times my friends and I have cried and praised God together over an answer to prayer, and a specific verse becomes a bond in our friendship. We may underline it in our Bible, and think of each other when we see it. Sharing God’s Word together is a beautiful way to grow a friendship.

After 30 years of having a relationship with the Lord that is real and personal to me, I can say that praying using Scripture verses is the absolute most effective praying that I have ever done. I believe it makes God happy to hear His child quote His Words back to Him. As a mom, I can understand that.