by Molly Audiss

What is the most common suggestion I give when I discuss prayer? It’s simply this-pray a lot of yeses. What does that mean? Let me explain. As we gain a lifestyle of comfortably talking to our Heavenly Father throughout the day, we will naturally begin asking for more and more things. This is Biblical. It is actually the way that Christ taught His disciples to pray when they asked Him to teach them to pray. Jesus told his followers to ask for their daily bread. (Matthew 6 and Luke 11). Nothing is more essential than food. We need it everyday. God wants us to ask Him daily for this most basic need. This shows that our Father wants to be asked for EVERYTHING. You see, everything we have is a gift from God. Our breath, our heartbeat, our sight, our hearing, our taste, our ability to think, to walk, to live…. Every single thing is a gift from God. The more we ask for these basic, daily things, the more we stay in the realization that they come from HIM.

For example, if I ask God for water before I turn on the faucet, I know that is from Him. If I ask for food before I throw a pizza in the oven, I remember that everything comes from Him. When I ask Him to tell me where I put my phone (again😂), I am relying on God to meet all my needs. The more I ask, the more opportunities the Lord has to answer my prayers. Jesus explained it this way in Matthew 7:7-11- when a son asks his Dad for lunch, does his Dad hand him a rock instead? If a child asks his Dad for dinner, does his Dad hand him a snake instead? No. He gives according to the request. He child expects he will receive food when he asks, that is why he has the confidence to come back everyday and ask again; because he received food all the other times he asked in the past.

When we “pray a lot of yeses,” we live a life of asking for all the things we need daily; it’s our first response. God is our “go-to.” He wants it that way. Every good gift comes from Him. (James 1:17) He tells us to ask and keep asking. Also, when we have a long list of prayers in which we received a “yes” from the Lord, we will less often feel that He does not love us if and when He tells us “no.” Praying for things that God will certainly provide-our daily bread-leads to a life of wonder and gratitude to God for His amazing love and generosity. People that receive many answers to prayer are the people who ask the most requests. God is a kind, loving Father Who wants to say “yes.” So, so often, He will say yes. He will only say “no” when it is not best for us or others.

Pray often for everything! Your child cannot find his shoe? Stop and pray with him about the shoe. Your teen has a decision to make? Pray together. Need wisdom, financial help, more energy? Take a moment to pray. Pray about the weather. Give our gracious Heavenly Father lots of opportunities to say yes! Allow Him to show you how much He loves you personally. He hears you and loves you uniquely. A lifestyle of daily prayer throughout the day will leave you in awe of the marvelous works of our wonderful God! Pray a lot of yeses!