By Molly Audiss

I Thess. 5:17, “Pray without ceasing.”

As my Sunday school girls will tell you, my favorite topic to discuss is Prayer. Nothing in my life has been as transformative as connecting with the Lord through prayer. I am passionate about it because it has changed me, and it continues to do so. But, as with so many things, if it sounds complex, difficult, or only for the “good or spiritual,” we will shy away from pursuing it, not feeling good enough. My goal it to share my testimony, a very average person with a common daily life. I am a Christian, a wife, a mom, and a teacher. My days are spent like most of you, working, cleaning, cooking, yard work, running errands. I am not an example of a wonderful Christian. But I love talking with my Heavenly Father, and I often see Him do the miraculous in my life and in the lives of those I love. My connection to Him has given me hope and peace during dark and difficult times; it has been my lifeline. This relationship has become where I find my identity. I want this for every child, teen, and adult!

Prayer, simply, is a child of God talking to her Father. Nothing could be more comfortable than a child speaking with her much-loved Daddy. When we view prayer in this way, we are drawn to learn more about it. When it becomes something more formal or complicated than this, we will innately shun it. Friend, may I invite you to start a conversation with your Dad? He is right there with you, dear Christian, and He wants to listen to you and to talk to you.

I will be spending the next several weeks on the topic of prayer. My thought for today is this: Gain an awareness of God as you first wake up, and keep that awareness throughout the day. Sounds simple enough! Well, it really is. It begins with a habit. Upon gaining consciousness each morning, train your mind to think of God. As I am waking each morning, even before I sit up in bed, I think this thought to myself, “Good morning, Father. I love you.” I do not say this out loud, but I think it. This puts my mind in the awareness that God is with me.

One of my favorite Bible passages, Psalm 139, convinces us of the truth that God is always with us. He is with us as we go to sleep each night; He stays with us all night, and He is there as we wake in the morning. (Verse 2) I believe He watches us as a loving parent looks at their precious, sleeping baby. He loves us so much! It is good to remind ourselves of His presence at the very first conscious moment, and to speak to Him upon waking. When we start the day with Him, it is easier for us to stay aware of His presence, and to continue the conversation all day long.

I do have a place in my home that I go specifically to pray for others as well as for my own needs and desires. I will talk about that prayer time in an upcoming article. But, the transforming power of prayer, for me, takes place as I have a continuous conversation with the Lord, in a casual, parent-child way, throughout my day. Whatever is on my mind, I try to make the habit of talking to God about it. I gave this example in my Sunday school class last Sunday: Today, as I stopped in the restroom at church, I went to the sink to wash my hands. The soap dispenser was full of soap, and the paper towels were available. Sometimes these items have been empty. My thoughts was, “Oh good, there’s soap and paper towels.” I attached that thought to a quick conversation with my Father, “Thank you, Lord, for soap and paper towels.” You see how we can bring our common thoughts to God throughout the day and speak with Him about all the thoughts we have?

We all know what it’s like to have a pressing burden on our minds. When we feel worried or anxious, and the same negative thoughts keep filling our minds, we can bring them to God. “Father, I’m worried about this again. Please take this situation and fix it. I’m giving it to you again. I trust you with this. I look forward to seeing how You’re going to work this out. I cannot imagine how it can be solved, but You do.” At times, I will physically open my hand, palm up (even while driving, folding laundry, or at the kitchen sink, etc.) and ask the Lord to take it, again, out of my hand.

These small talks with God throughout the day may seem awkward at first, if you’ve never tried it. These prayers are made in my mind; rarely do I ever speak words aloud. (People in public may think I’m crazy, talking to myself). But it becomes a habit once you keep doing it, day after day. May I encourage you to train your mind to greet the Lord each morning, before you rise, and bring Him into your thoughts throughout the day. It’s wonderful to spend your day with the One Who loves you most.❤️

Until next week….