by JoBeth Hooker
Memphis, TN

It’s trench warfare, ladies! Are you geared up for this? Let’s start this month by getting rid of excess “baggage.” (No, no, no, not your hubby!) Let’s look at a few ways to streamline some “stuff.”

Magazines—Keep only this month or last month’s issues. Clip and file favorite articles or recipes. Otherwise, trash them.

Newspapers—Only keep a newspaper if you are using them to start a fire. Keep back issues for school reports one week only.

Keys—If you don’t know where it belongs, throw it away. Chances are you will never know!

Pens—Test each pen by scribbling. If the pen doesn’t write, throw it away. Don’t have more than 25 pens on hand. Give the rest away.

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Twist ties—Why are you saving them if you are not using them? Thrifty ladies have a habit of saving anything that might be of value someday. Give it up! It’s more important that you’re free from clutter now.

Coupons—Dump already expired ones. If you find any with a date on it from a year or more, then suspend your cutting privileges until your house is streamlined.

Paper Grocery Bags—Beware, the glue on these attract cockroaches. Keep only what you know you will use in a week’s time. Throw the rest away.

Receipts, Check Stubs and Bank Statements—The IRS audits for up to three years unless they suspect fraud. They can then ask for records for the previous seven years. These need to be filed and kept.

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Old Socks—Get rid of mismates. Goodwill wants old socks. They use them for stuffing projects.

Souvenirs—In future travels, purchase a souvenir that can be hung from the Christmas tree. Then you can relive memories once a year.

Batteries—Get rid of old batteries. Purchase only what you need and buy those with a tester strip so you can check them.

Gift Boxes—Keep a few only if you have a special place to store them.

Packaged Parts—Dump them. In the future, write on the package what the parts are and to what they belong and put them in the toolbox.

These are a few ideas for streamlining your home.