by Molly Audiss

It’s a New Year! Let’s do more than just make a few resolutions (which are usually just wishes, not real plans to improve). Let’s DO things! If you want 2022 to look different than 2021, start DOING things differently NOW. Planning is all well and good, but nothing will change until you START. So, what can you do in January? Let’s just think about this month. What action will you take?

As soon as you read these ideas, grab a piece of paper or make notes in your phone’s Notes App or record yourself on your phone saying what you will have done by January 31, 2022.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Read your Bible everyday (have a written plan to follow!)
  • Lose ___ pounds. (You fill in the blank. 1-2 pounds a week is a healthy, doable goal. Have a definite plan of HOW you will do this.)
  • Bake something for a neighbor and take it to them, with a Bible tract. Invite them to church. Share the Gospel.
  • Make a prayer list and pray through it everyday.
  • Attend the ladies missionary outreach meeting at your church.
  • Write a note of gratitude (this can even be a text, email, or private message) and send it to a different person each day this month. Or, if you would rather, call that person.
  • Walk 10,000 steps a day.
  • Drink _____ of water a day (choose goals in cups or ounces).
  • Attend a soul winning meeting at church and go out on visitation.
  • Read to your child everyday.
  • Download a podcast on your phone that will help inspire you to grow in your relationships- marriage, parenting, etc. Commit to listen to it on a regular basis, at least weekly.
  • Read or listen to a helpful book.
  • Volunteer for a ministry at church.
  • Make a meal plan. Eat dinner at home, with your family.

These are a few ideas to help you get started. The specific goals are not as important as the ACTIONS! Do it this month! Start today! Many of the items listed above are goals I am personally working through myself. Be accountable. Tell someone your plan for January, and have them ask you about your progress every few days.


We all want to improve. But we won’t change until we start! It does not matter if you tried a goal many times before and failed. Look forward! Try it again. This is a new year. Nothing is stopping you besides fear. If you try and quit (even before the end of the month), then try again. Never stop growing in the Lord! Inspire your family with your dedication to be a better version of yourself for God’s glory! Ask Him to help you. He will!

We believe in You. We love you. God loves you! Now, go get to work! We can  do this!