by Kathy Wilkie
Hot Springs, AR

When I was just a tiny girl in Sunday School we learned a song about where the Wise Man and the Foolish Man built their houses. (Matthew 7:24-27) It was a fun song to sing because it had many great actions! My favorite line in the whole song is, “and the rain came-a tumbblin’ down.”  I love to play in the rain. Not work, run errands, or drive in the rain! I love to PLAY in the rain. When I play in the rain it doesn’t matter how I’m dressed or how I will look after the fun! Playing in the rain to me is being carefree and enjoying the moments with the rain drops! No worries about my wet clothes and skin. Its just pure joy!
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As I grew I learned that rain, in a very real sense, can be destructive. I realized that rain isn’t always fun. I began to have friends and family members suffer because of the “rain” that fell in their lives. Only a few survived the destruction. Why? Because their houses (lives) were not built on the Rock of the Bible. My parents saw to it that I stayed under the preaching and teaching of the Bible. As a teenager i decided to keep following on that way by reading and studying the Bible for myself. I will not claim to be a Bible scholar because I am far from it. However, I do love God’s Word with a love that is growing by baby steps. Just like in the song, my life has been built upon the Rock of God’s Word. Does this mean I’m perfect? No way! I’m far from perfection. Does this mean I’m better than you? Of course not! Does this mean I think you can’t be a success? Not on your life! I simply want to tell you how my life has joy, satisfaction and success (however you define success).
Maybe someone reading this will pick up the Bible again or for the first time and see what’s available. May I make a few suggestions by telling you what I read daily? (at least most days)
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  • Because I need wisdom, I read one chapter in Proverbs to match the date. Proverbs has 31 chapters and there are 31 days in many of the months.
  • Also, because my emotions are often a wreck, I read at least one chapter in Psalms. Most days one is not enough! Sort of like one piece of chocolate will not fix my craving!! (but that subject is for another day!)