“Will You Be Mine?” Love, Jesus

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“Will You Be Mine?” Love, Jesus

Happy Heart Day! Today is the day to celebrate LOVE. For some people, this is a day that they look forward to and plan for all year. A day to celebrate the romantic love of their boyfriend, fiancé, or spouse. To you I say, “Happy Valentines Day!”

For others, this is a day you may dread all year. The emphasis on romantic love highlights the lack of it in your own life. You may be single, divorced, widowed. You may have just recently broken off a relationship with a guy. You may be in a marriage and feel unloved and alone in that marriage. You may have never found romantic love in your life. For any of these situations, Valentines Day may be a depressing day.

No matter what human relationships you have or do not have in your life, may I take this special day and remind each of us to celebrate! Yes! We are each specially, uniquely, passionately, devotedly, unendingly LOVED by a God Who IS love! He loves you! Today, right now, and for always.

So, Happy Heart Day! Here are a few Valentines from the heart of God to you. Today, He wants you to know that you are His, and He loves you sooooooo much! LET’S CELEBRATE!

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