I love buffets! Don’t you love buffets? All the choices! I especially love the huge salad bars with at least 45 options of toppings for your lettuce. I never have most of those things at home, so a nice mound of chopped veggies prepared by someone else—now that’s a deal!

One of the things I love most about our awesome God is that He offers us so many choices! Good choicesRight choicesHe has so many righteous options for us to choose every day.

Christianity is far from the “don’t-do-this-don’t-do-that” religion that some make it out to be! The Lord is so creative and loving and generousImagine how many beautiful fruit trees must have been in the Garden of Eden! So many choices! He only said “No” to one tree—only one tree in the entire orchardAll the other trees were “Yes” options.

Our Heavenly Father never allures us to turn from the many sinful temptations of the world by offering one plain, boring option of choosing rightNo! He is not difficult to pleaseIn fact, He is so easy to serveHe gives us lots of good optionsFor example, Philippians 4:8 instructs us to keep right thinkingIf I may paraphrase the verse, I feel the Lord is saying, “Choose good thoughts. Choose anything that is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, or of good reportChoose a thought that has virtue or praiseChoose any of these!” It’s a smorgasbord of good thoughtsYou choose!

When Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, He began by giving no less than nine different categories of people who are and will be blessedPick a way to be blessed! This is not exclusive; it’s inclusiveHis blessings cover every type of person from all walks of lifeThere is not a human being that cannot receive the blessings of GodHe has a Blessing Buffet!

Ladies, I want to be like JesusHe gives us SO many ways to please HimEvery personality type can please the LordHe makes it easy to love Him and draw close to HimI want to be that way, too! How about you? I ask myself these questions:

• Do others feel that I am easy to please?

• Do my children feel they have many ways to make me happy?

• Is it easier to make me laugh or make me angry?

• Do I include all types of personalities in my circle of friends?

• Do all people feel that I love them?

• Am I “high-maintenance”?

The last thing we want is for everyone to feel that they must “walk on egg shells around us.” Or that they can never make us happy, so why try? This is not the Spirit of JesusThe Lord gave us many, many ways that we can please HimHe gave us so many options for choosing right over wrongChristianity is not confining and smotheringIt is true freedom!

Let’s show those in our lives what it feels like to be loved by JesusGive them lots of choices!