II Thessalonians 3:5, “And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.”

Waiting. Still waiting.

I heard this quote recently and loved it, because it is so true:

“Most of life is spent in waiting for something to happen that has not yet happened. To live a happy life, one must learn to be happy while waiting.”

It’s so true, isn’t it? We are all waiting for something, all of the time. If we think we can only be happy when “that thing” happens, we will waste our lives in discontentment. What is it that you’re waiting for right now?

Waiting to find a job, or a better job

Waiting for your marriage to improve

Waiting to find a spouse

Waiting to have a child, or have another child

Waiting to buy a home, or move into a better home

Waiting to lose weight and look like you want to look

Waiting to feel close to God again

Waiting for God to answer a prayer

Waiting for past hurts to go away or diminish

Waiting for present circumstances to improve in a specific way

Waiting for loved ones to be saved

Waiting for God to cast judgment on your enemy and be revenged

Waiting for your baby to sleep through the night

Waiting for God to heal someone you love

Waiting for your financial situation to improve

Waiting for wisdom to make the right decision

Waiting for something to be fixed in your home

Waiting for God to fix a broken relationship

Waiting to be appreciated at home or work

Waiting to finally feel better

Waiting to have grandchildren

Waiting for your child to come back to the Lord

Waiting to be happy again

We each live each day, waiting for something we do not have. This is something about which I commonly write, because it is RIGHT WHERE WE ARE. The struggle is real. Yes, of course we are waiting for the Lord’s return! A thousand times- Yes! We are waiting for revival in our country and our government and our schools- yes! But, on a daily personal level, we are waiting for things we desire in our own lives.

I have to write this verse again. This is one fantastic verse! This verse should be painted on signs or wall art and put up in our homes as a daily prayer:

II Thesssalonians 3:5, “And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.”

Here are a few things we should do while we wait. (I need this reminder everyday!)

Stay busy. When we sit and over-think things, they grow bigger and bigger and worse and worse in our minds. Get up and get to work.

Decide to be happy, just for today, each and every morning. This may take a cup of coffee (or two!) and will DEFINITELY take help from the Holy Spirit, but just decide that, for TODAY, you will be happy, even without having ____________. Just for one day (at a time).

Listen to upbeat, positive, motivational people while you are driving or doing chores around the house. Ladies, Judge Judy is not going to help you live on the happy side of life! Turn off the negative talk shows/reality shows/courtroom shows/talk radio. Put on a podcast of a Christian speaker that is upbeat and motivational (and funny!) Your spirit needs to hear someone else speaking truth to you in a positive way.

Dare NOT  to Compare! Refuse to believe that voice in your head that tells you how So-and-So has such a wonderful life and has no problems. That is just not true, first of all. You don’t know what is happening in So-and-So’s life.  And, comparing is a fast ride straight toward depression. If you find yourself looking at other woman on TV, in magazines, at church, at your kid’s school, at the playground, in your book club, etc., and you are envious about something in their life. STOP! The Devil has a strangle-hold on your happiness! The answer is not to lock yourself in a dark room and never look at anyone again. The answer is to ask God to renew your mind and give you an clean heart. Jealousy is dangerous, and we women have to really watch out for it while we are patiently waiting for things we do not yet have.

Take God off trial. Ponder this in your heart until you can say this to the Lord and mean it– “Lord, I will love you, trust you, and serve you, even if I never get___________________.” This isn’t easy, but you need to know in your heart that your love for God is not conditional.

Determine not to run away. This time of waiting can be so long, and so frustrating. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do would be to quit and to run. Quit serving at church, quit going to church, quit reading the Bible and praying, quit a marriage, quit a job, quit a friendship, quit trying to do right. We must determine, each day, “Today I will not quit. I will not run away. I will stand still, be quiet, and stay calm.”

Ask God to show you what you can do. Ladies, some things only God can do. Sometimes we need Heavenly miracles, and we have no control over outcomes. But, many times there are things we can do to bring about change in our lives. Are we expecting God to do things for us that He has given us the power to change?       Can we prayer about it more consistently? Are we praying everyday? Can we go to work and create change in our lives? Can we forgive someone and reach out to restore a relationship? Can we serve others as we are confidently waiting for God to change our circumstances?

Today, you and I are waiting for our lives to change in big or small ways. Let’s determine to be happily patient, busy serving, and unconditionally loving God and people…..while we wait.