Resolved to Do LESS This Year

I knew as the days and hours and minutes ticked by, the end of the year was quickly approaching, and, to be honest, something in the back of my mind dreaded it. Dreaded what? The New Year. Why? I wasn’t exactly sure why at first; but I realized that, with January first came all the expectations. The pressure to start something new. The New Year’s Resolutions. Time to kick it into gear and improve! Become better, thinner, stronger, more efficient, more focused on a goal…. You know the routine.

This is not an article slamming New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s great to add things, improve things, and try things. But, the fact is—I can’t do it, not this year. I am being (probably too) honest here, but 2016 was not a year of personal success in my life. In fact, I faced a lot of failure. I faced a lot of disappointment. It was a tough year for me. Hardest of all, I faced myself in new ways, difficult ways, and I didn’t like what I saw. I tried new things and failed. Oh, I am so grateful for all the blessings of this past year. It has been a great year in so many ways, but my soul was weary as I watched that clock strike midnight, and I just couldn’t find it in me to rattle off a list of new goals. I just wanted to go to bed….until this same time next year.

It was in this un-inspired state of mind that the Lord began to whisper to my weary spirit. Into my heart He spoke, “Molly, don’t try to do more this year. Do less.” Do less? My guard immediately went up. I can’t do less. Isn’t that quitting? Isn’t that lazy? Isn’t that unspiritual? Onward! Forward! Higher! Upward! Advance! I’m the girl who writes weekly articles, encouraging women to try again, get back in there, and add-in a new perspective. And there is a need for all of those inspiring articles, blogs, magazines, books, podcasts, and talks. I need to hear them often. We all do.

But when the time comes that you just don’t see how you could ever start something and continue it without giving up, giving in, or quitting altogether….when you are tired of failing—that’s the time the Lord gathers you into His arms and whispers, “Do less.”

I would love for you to join me through the month of January on my journey of doing LESS. Do I mean to sit down on the sofa and watch TV all day? Or quit your job? Do I mean that you should just say NO to laundry and dishes this year? (I wish!) Maybe you should just tell your husband and kids that they’re on their own—NO! That’s not the LESS I mean.

My journey for 2017 is learning to do less in my own strength. Striving less, resting more in Christ. Fearing less, trusting more in Jesus. Trying to control everything less, watching God handle my circumstances and my relationships more. Worrying less, leaning of my Heavenly Father more.

This is not a year to add anything new, not for me. I just don’t have the energy. I wish I didn’t have to admit that. But I suspect that there are some ladies reading these words who are in that same place. I wish I could just stand on the mountain and pump my fists and yell “Come on Ladies, you can do it!” No. This year you will find me hiding under the shadow of His wings, whispering, “Rest with me, Friends, in the arms of the Lord.”

I just want to thank you. Thank you, sweet Friends. Thank you for taking time once, once a year, once a month, or even every week to read my articles. You have helped me more than you know. I study and pray for you as I write these words. I pray that you and I together can discover more this year of how infinitely, passionately, fully, and unconditionally we are loved by our Lord Jesus Christ. And rest in Him. And do LESS on our own, in our own power.

2017—We don’t know what it will bring. But we know He will be there with us, holding us through the good times and bad.

Each article for the month of January will be on the topic of LESS. Join me!

I challenge each of you to do one thing this week: Write out these two verses on note cards and put them up somewhere that you will see them many times throughout your day. Memorize them. Meditate on them. Say them over and over. Believe them.

John 15:5b, “for without me ye can do nothing.


Phil. 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ

which strengtheneth me.”