By Linda Stubblefield

Three years ago, I was forced by unforeseen circumstances to make a major job change. I was offered and accepted a dream job, but I had one problem. I found myself freelancing so many jobs I was missing Wednesday night church services in order to make my deadlines. Because my dream job can be somewhat of a feast-or-famine situation, I was accepting every job opportunity that came my way. After all, I never knew when I might be in a “famine.”

Missing church weighed heavily on me. “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”(Hebrews 10:25) It bothered me when my husband left for church, and I was working my job. I tried to listen online, but I quickly found I could not do my best on my job as I tried to listen to my pastor. A friend, who is a pastor’s wife, was in the area, and as we were talking about my dream job, I mentioned my conundrum about work and church. She really did not say much to me, but later in the week, I received the following email from her:

Linda, I have always been afraid of losing my rhythm. I’ve watched so many people over the twenty years my husband and I have been here in the pastorate. When they get out of the rhythm of attending church, they end up disinterested in the things of God. I am just as vulnerable to that happening to me. Brother Hyles was so wise to preach on keeping our rhythm. Don’t miss church!

I immediately remembered the many sermons I had heard through the years about staying in rhythm. I prayed about my situation and asked God to help me work “smart.” As soon as I gave my problem to Him, I started finding more hours in a day. Our conversation took place months ago, and I have not had to miss one more Wednesday night service because of work deadlines. I believe He would do the same for you!

By the way, I know that not one verse in the Bible commands us to go to church three times a week. However, I know me well enough to know that I need church three times a week. I am glad my friend loved me enough of me to encourage me to find a way to be in church for every service. Can you find a way to work smarter too?