by Kathy Wilkie
Hot Springs, AR
I have never taken a bath in a #2 tub! like the one pictured here. These were used as bath tubs (and for other purposes) back in the days when the only running water was, “somebody run to the pump or creek and git some water!” I’ve heard tell back in the days of #2 tubs that on Saturday night Daddy would take a bath first, then Momma would use the same water for her bath. Then the oldest kid (that would be me) would then use the same bath water. That same bath water was then used by every kid right down the line till it was the baby’s turn! Imagine how dirty and nasty the water and tub would be with the grime of 7 days from at least 3 people! Yucky! Yucky! This is where the phrase “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” came from. The water would be so dark you couldn’t see the baby in it!
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In Psalm 60:8 God says, “…Moab is my washpot”. The nation of Moab was made up of people who were descendants Moab, Lot’s son. Moab was the result of Lot’s incestuous relationship with one of his daughters. (Genesis 19:31-38) The Moabites were wicked, idolatrous, sin-loving heathens. I can’t imagine being the offspring of incest. The story of Lot and his daughters is probably my least favorite in the whole Bible. I even feel dirty as I write about it in this post. Yet, my Heavenly Father says, “Moab is MY washpot”. Moab is one of God’s possessions! Not a very pretty one but he belongs to God.  God uses Moab as a washpot or bathtub. Psalm 60:8 arrested my attention recently. I began to think about Moab and how God might use a Moabite. Then I remembered that Ruth was a Moabitess. Her story is found in the book of Ruth and happens to be one of my favorites. She turned from her culture, religion, beliefs and home to follow her mother-in-law Naomi back to Israel! Ruth became the wife of Boaz and is one of the women recorded in the genealogy of Jesus! God used His #2 tub, Moab to produce a woman who is in the genealogy of His Son, Jesus Christ! She is also a picture of believers who make up the Bride of Christ. Boaz is a picture of Jesus redeeming us for Himself.
I wonder if Ruth was ashamed of her past. Shameful actions she did or were done to her. Shameful thoughts in her mind. Shameful words that came out of her mouth. I too have shame in my past. My shame is not the same as yours but mine is just as shameful to me as yours is to you. This is a beautiful truth and picture of how much God loves all of us. Background, heritage, culture, up-bringing, nationality, and religion matters not to God. If a sinner will turn to Jesus and trust Him for salvation from hell and receive the gift of eternal life, God can and will use that person for His purpose.
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I know what I’m ashamed of in my life. Have you ever been ashamed of anything in your life? I often feel like God’s #2 tub when I think about my shameful actions, thoughts and words in my past and present life. When those thoughts arise, I can remember Ruth. She was called God’s washpot and if God can use her, He can use me and you too!