II Cor. 2:11, “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”

Matthew 10:16, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

This is my favorite animal:


The Zebra. The animal is the perfect picture of our Creator’s love for tiny details. No two zebras have exactly the same stripes. What I love the most is the fact that each strip continues up through its mane. A black-and-white mohawk! God is so awesome. He could have made world monochromatic… bears, brown. Birds, white. Dogs, black. But He didn’t do that. The Lord cares about the littlest details. Everything is important to Him. Even animals that humans rarely ever see have amazing details. Our God loves detail.

That brings me to point #2 in our series of ways that Satan wants to distort our beliefs.

  1. It doesn’t really matter. The Devil once lived in Heaven with God. He knows better than any of us how much every little detail matters to the Lord. There is nothing that escapes His attention. There is not a subject on which He has no opinion. He cares about everything He made. Why else would a zebra have a striped mane? Why else would the human body be so intricate, with atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, cells, chromosomes, tissues, organs, etc… God cares about it all!

But Satan knows that, if He can convince us that “it doesn’t really matter” to God, then we can do whatever we want. We can be in control and make all our own decisions with our own limited minds. It simply isn’t true. Whatever “it” is, it matters to the Lord!

The Devil cannot determine our eternity once we are saved, so He strives to do the only things He can do—make our Earthly lives useless, unhappy, bringing no glory to God. One of the ways He does this is to numb our thinking.

There have been times in my life when I was tired of the struggles. I didn’t think life was fair, and I wanted a different life. Have you been there? At these depressed times, all I wanted to do was be alone and do nothing. My mind wanted to find an escape from my trials by simply shutting off. Nothing mattered. Nothing was important. I wasn’t necessary, and my opinions and decisions weren’t valuable, so, who cares? If you have ever experienced a time like this, even for a day or two, or for years, then you can agree that Satan was telling you that God didn’t care what you did. He wasn’t concerned about your life. Just try not to mess up anybody else’s life and that was enough. You just felt numb.

That is a lie that we can believe when we get away from a close walk with the Lord. When we spend daily time in the Bible, we clearly see that our Father cares! A God who sees a sparrow fall, a God who numbers the hairs on our heads, a God who names each one of the billions of stars- He cares about everything!! He cares about us, our family, our community, our church, our country, even our pets! He cares about it all!

He cares about your finances.

He cares about your wardrobe

He cares about your friendships.

He cares about your daily chores.

He cares about your church attendance.

He cares about your health.

He cares about your hobbies and down-time.

He cares about your kids and their friendships.

He cares about your marriage.

He cares about your job.

He cares about your house and yard.

He cares about your vehicles.

He cares about your pets.

He cares about your education. Where you learn, what you learn, who you learn from.

He cares about your entertainment.

I mention these things, not to say, “You better shape up and get with it!” No, I’m writing this article to remind each of us that we are cared for and looked after by a God that knows us better than we know ourselves, and cares about the details of our lives even more than we do! Isn’t it comforting! We can go to Him any day, all day, and talk to Him about everything. He knows, and He cares!

Once again tell Satan that he is a liar! We know that God cares about the littlest details of our lives. It matters to Him, and He will help us. He is not a “far away” God, He is an ever-present Friend, closer than a brother. He is always with us through our day, and He cares about everything we do. Everything in our life matters to Him!

I Peter 5:7, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”