I Corinthians 4:2, Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.”

We are continuing our discussion this week on standing fast, staying put, not running away through the tough times. We all have difficult times in our lives that come, and your mind tells you, “Just run!” What will keep us still, settled, unmoving in the dark days of life?

Here are the four biggest reasons I don’t run:


My family needs me. My kids need clean laundry, even when my world is closing in. My husband needs dinner whether or not I feel like fixing it. My family needs me to be there for them, even on the worst days. ACCOUNTABILITY.

This week, I am not talking about love. Love is the reason why we should do what we do. We should live right because we love God. We should serve because we love others. Love is the right priority for everything. But, there are times when the pain of life overshadows feelings of love. The love is still there, but you are numb and cannot feel it. That is when you must fall back on DUTY.

Moms of young kids can sometimes get overwhelmed by the constant, daily needs of her children. It is 24/7. Sometimes, it seems endless. But being needed is a huge blessing, especially when you go through times of doubt in your life. While you struggle to find which end is up, being needed is vital. You can’t drive off into the sunset (like you want to) if junior needs help with a science project. Your pity party has to be rescheduled if you are chaperoning the school field trip.

Make yourself accountable to others. Teach a Sunday school class. Volunteer at church and in the community. Have scheduled times each week that you are needed by others and they will be waiting for you to be in your place. None of us live on spiritual highs all the time. We all go through times of backsliding. Having obligations in the ministry that will help you stay on track when your spirit does not sustain you. There have been times i that I didn’t feel like going to church-at all! I went because I needed to teach my class. I went because my kids needed to be in youth choir. I went because someone was meeting me there for visitation. I’m so glad I went. I was glad I went before the service was over. God spoke to me through the preaching and teaching of His Word. Christian fellowship made me stronger. BUT those things were not enough to get me out the door and into the car. I had to have a duty.

Please, friends, make yourself accountable. Work in the nursery or in any ministry in which your presence is necessary. Visit a shut-in who will be expecting you at a regular time each month. Teach children about the Bible, at church and in your neighborhood. Give yourself away, each week, on purpose. When you get to the other side of the storm, you will look back and thank God for the duties in your life that kept you on task until the love kicked in and kept you going for the Lord.