by Jeannie Churchill, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

On December 31, 1967 The Dallas Cowboys were playing the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship. The legendary game, dubbed the “Ice Bowl” was known not only for the artic conditions (-41 degree wind chill factor) but for the final play by the Packers. It was the 4th quarter, the Cowboys were leading 17-14 with just 16 seconds left in the game, the Packers were at the one yard line. Quarterback Bart Starr asked offensive lineman, Jerry Kramer, if he could make a hole in the line for him to get through for the touchdown. Kramer affirmed that he could do it. The ball was snapped and true to his word, right guard Jerry Kramer blocked for Bart Starr to cross into the end zone for the game winning touch down! The crowd exploded! Fans and players alike swarmed the field and around Starr as he was praised for winning the game. Jerry Kramer stood off to the side, feeling elated for winning but also overlooked. Sure, Starr had ran in the touchdown, but if not for Kramer, the quarterback would have never been able to make it. Then Jerry’s eyes turned to his head coach, Vince Lombardi, who had not joined in the celebration. Lombardi stood still on the sidelines steadfastly looking at Jerry Kramer. When the lineman glanced his way, Vince Lombardi held out his arm and gave a thumb’s up. Jerry Kramer knew that moment, even though to the rest of the people there, his role in the game was unimportant, his head coach knew the truth, that he was invaluable.

Do you ever feel invisible? Unnoticed? Unappreciated? As ladies, we often do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that sometimes can get overlooked. After all, who notices if the laundry’s done, the house is clean, and supper’s on the table, etc. Or maybe you feel as if everyone else at work and church get all the glory while you play such an important role that seems to be all but visible.

Ladies, please do not believe this lie of Satan, that your work in whatever capacity is of little worth or effort. The devil would love to get you discouraged and have you quit. Everyone’s work no matter how big or “small” is so important. Only eternity will tell what an impact your life, testimony and work have done for the cause of Christ.

You’ve probably never heard of the man named, Edward Kimball, but he was a Sunday School teacher in Boston. One day, Mr. Kimball went to visit one of his students, who worked at a shoe store. He witnessed to the young 17 year-old who accepted Christ as his Saviour. That man was D.L. Moody. No books were ever written about Edward Kimball, but I think you will agree that he was invaluable for the cause of Christ.

Now, I don’t mean for you to get puffed up, with pride. After all, we are all human. It’s only by God’s mercy and grace that he uses us. But I think God wants us to know that even though we may be overlooked by a lot of people, our “Coach” sees the work we are doing; faithfully serving, doing our jobs regardless of whether we get recognition or not. Job 28:24 “For he looketh to the ends of the earth, [and] seeth under the whole heaven;

We should take comfort in this fact. I think God longs for us to be firmly grounded of who we are in Jesus Christ, so that we KNOW that no matter whether we get the attention or gratitude we think we “deserve” our work in whatever capacity is invaluable. II Thessalonians 3:13 “But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.”

May I encourage you today. No matter how much you feel like you are overlooked and underappreciated, your Heavenly Father sees you, loves you, and is proud of you. I’m so glad I have a God like Him. Aren’t you?