by Ruth James
Murfreesboro, TN

December is the most wonderful time of the year! There is a feeling in the air that brings out the child in us. Our immediate thought might be the heart of a child anticipating the gifts of Christmas, but as Christians, our desire should be to have the heart of the Child Who came to earth in the form of a baby to bring us the gift of eternal life—the greatest gift from the Giver of life! Since we as ladies have been given so much, let us seek ways to give to others. During the December fellowship, be creative in the ways that you can minister to others.

Decorating for this event is easy because almost everyone has Christmas items. Ask several ladies to each decorate a table. Food for the evening might be provided by each lady in attendance bringing a favorite Christmas dish. The church can supply the drink. A suggestion for a refreshing punch is to combine peppermint ice cream and Sprite or 7-Up in a punch bowl. Hot chocolate or cider might be other options.

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  • Two or three ladies can share a special Christmas memory.
  • A Bible study can be given on the birth of Christ or the life of Mary.
  • Each lady can bring a small wrapped gift to exchange.
  • Each lady can bring an unwrapped gift for a child. Since our church has a bus ministry, these gifts are distributed by the bus captains to help families in need. If your church doesn’t have a bus ministry, these gifts might be taken to a homeless shelter or perhaps given to a needy family in the church.
  • Music should include the beautiful carols of Christmas.
  •  Game time might consist of having a list of scrambled Christmas carol titles or the Christmas story (as told in the book of Luke).The one who unscrambles the words first wins a small prize.
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Another fun game is asking for volunteers (as some ladies do not feel comfortable being in front of others) to wrap a gift. The wrapper must wrap the gift while wearing oven mitts. The one who has the prettiest wrapped gift in a given time frame is the winner.

Keep in mind that all ladies’ activities should include:

  1.  The presentation of the Gospel as some unsaved ladies may be in attendance.
  2.  Encouragement for ladies through Biblical teaching.
  3.  A time of fellowship and laughter.