My mother-in -law, Mrs. Helen Norris, is a wonderful example of what a true Christian lady should beHer consistent and dedicated walk with the Lord has allowed her and my father-in-law to successfully rear her family for GodAll of our family has especially benefited from her exceptional prayer life.

She begins each day with a season of prayer and Bible study and continues throughout the day, calling on God for the special needs of her family and othersIt is a well-known fact in the Norris family that if you have a special need, you must immediately call on her to prayAnswers to her prayers come often and in an amazing way.

As a young mother, she began praying that God would call at least one of her three sons to be a preacherShe never told this to anyone until my husband publicly surrendered to preachYou can only imagine the rejoicing when Mike told his parents about God’s call on his lifeAfter over 25 years, her prayers had been answered.

After the births of her three sons, she began praying that God would give her and my father-in-law a baby girl. As time passed by, it seemed as though this particular prayer would not be answered. However, after almost 14 years of consistent prayer, God gave her not just one baby girl, but two! She was blessed with twin daughters, Amy and Angie.

Mike’s mom developed her solid prayer life by reading books about men like D.L. Moody, George Mueller of Bristol, and Dr. John R. Rice. Today she, along with my father-in-law, faithfully attend and support the ministry of my husband at the Franklin Road Baptist Church. To this day, my husband continues to count on the prayers of his Godly mother.

Because Mike never knew of his mother’s prayers for a preacher son, he does not consider himself a “momma-called” preacher. However, my husband will quickly credit his mother’s prayer life for the call of God upon his life.

Never underestimate the prayers of a Godly mother. Someone once said, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” May mothers be encouraged to quickly develop a consistent prayer life and begin today to be known as the prayer warrior in your family!