By Kate Meyers, Millington, Michigan

When I was a little girl, we lived in an old, creaky farmhouse in the mountains of MaineThat old house was perfect for playing hide and seek! It had all kinds of nooks and crannies you could squeeze into, like musty-smelling, dark closets and ancient pieces of furniture you could crawl underOne of my favorite spots was hiding in an old, antique trunk—until the cover slammed down and locked me in!

That farmhouse was torn down years ago, and all my old hiding places are gone, but as a Christian, I have a most incredible hiding place—one that will never, ever go away, and that hiding place is in God!

Several times in this past year, I have been scaredI have been gripped with a fear so deep that it consumed my heart and mind—robbing me of sleep, stealing my happiness, and exposing my lack of faith. The kind of fear that was consuming me is the kind that makes walking through another day most difficult!

One night a few months ago as I was reading my Bible, God led me to Psalm 91My soul thirstily drank in those 16 versesGod wrote that chapter to remind me that He is MY Hiding Place, and if I will just run to Him in the storms of life, I will be safe!

At this writing, someone I love deeply phoned me and shared with me about an ugly, black storm that has overtaken her worldI tried to encourage her heart, and we prayed and cried togetherWhen we hung up, I went upstairs to my bedroom, opened my Bible to Psalm 91, and wept and prayed—thanking God for being our Hiding Place.

When you are so scared, run to GodWhen you can’t face tomorrow, run to GodWhen the storm in your life is so dark or the pain is beyond raw, run to God!! Psalm 91 will comfort you, bring peace to your soul, and become a soothing balm. Discover your true haven from the storm—God! “…I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.” (Psalm 91:15)