Staying Encouraged During Times of Discouragement

by Sarah Inman, Team Member of Team Thailand

FIVE MONTHS AND STILL NO RAIN. Drought had come for the third year in a rowVillages brought water in by truckThe wells and water tanks were drying up rapidlyTemperatures rose to 113°, and humidity made it seem even hotterWhen drought comes, you begin to realize how dear the simple things in life really areSometimes drought comes wearing a different face, and it attempts to dry up your spiritA loss? A loved one gone astray? Finances? Your ministry? Your job?

One morning the drought of discouragement came to claim our soulsNumbly we went through the motions of the day, but inside we felt empty and dryWe clung to the promises of God as tightly as we could and searched for His handWe needed the living waterAt one point, my husband stated, “You know, if it rained today, it would be a good day.”

I doubted“We are in the middle of the longest drought.” I thought, “Why get your hopes up?”

Within the hour we heard rumbling through the skyA strong breeze began to blow through the houseAmazed, we raced outside to see dark clouds rolling over the mountainsThe wind in my face seemed to fill my entire being; then the miracle beganThe rain began as a soft mist—so soft it looked like snowIt continued to fall heavier and heavierWith tears of joy, we danced in the rainOur burden had not altered, but our spirits were refreshed as we embraced God’s message of love.

Drought comes to each of our lives at some time, in some wayWhen it comes, realize the precious gift we have in the simple things God gives, look for the expression of His love in your life, and don’t forget to dance in the rain!