by Maury and Lori Gibson
Decatur, Illinois

We and Me, two simple words, pronouns both in speech,
But placed within your life you’ll find, a lesson they will teach.

We not Me, that is the thought to look at for a while.
For Me will bring you tears of pain, and We a joyous smile.

We and Me, they sound so close, but they are miles apart
The one you choose will soon reveal the condition of your heart.

We and Me, they cannot dwell together, it cannot be so,
So you must choose, We or Me, which way will you go?

If Me you choose, you’re going to lose the things that mean the most
Your family, friends, your peace of mind, and joy of the Holy Ghost.

Me stands alone, Me on the throne, no room for others there
A selfish life, that’s filled with strife, for Me can never share.

With Me my love is for myself—Me first, I want my way;
I trample on the hearts of those who close to Me would stay.

I hurt the one who wants to be a partner by my side
They chose to spend their life with me; I said “I do”; I lied.

For others cannot enter in: it’s Me, and only Me
I do not understand why others my way cannot see.

Me leaves a trail of broken hearts, broken homes, and dreams
Me does not see the damage done; Me hears no painful screams.

Me wonders why things went awry. What happened? What went wrong?
Me had my say, did things my way, but Me has left no song.

Me seemed to be the road to take, I sought for life you see,
But finding life, I lost my life—I found only Me.

Me hurt so many, who truly cared and tried their love to show,
But Me was blind, and so unkind, and cared not love to know.

So in my search, I took a look at God’s Word so divine
What would it say to Me today? What truth would I find?

I saw that Me must die each day—be crucified with Christ
And We must rise, with Christ inside, to live a brand-new life.

Two is better than one alone, and good is their reward,
But better yet, and stronger still, is a threefold cord.

My spouse, myself, my Saviour dear, together face each day,
What strength, what help, what grace we find to help us on our way.

We each day, We must stay, yielded to His will
No more alone, Christ on the throne, joy our hearts to fill.

We, not Me, I clearly see the error of my ways,
My spouse and I, our hearts are nigh, rejoicing in each day.

Two flesh as one, each day we come, together side by side
Joint heirs together of the grace of life, the husband and his bride.

My beloved now is mine, and I my beloved’s be
Joy untold, our life unfolds, the victory found in We.

Rejoicing with her of his youth, with her love he ravished be.
The groom has found, his life abound, when he has chosen We.

Then see the Bride, with joy inside, together with her man
We has prevailed, We cannot fail, it is the Master’s plan.

So where are you? Let’s be true.How does your marriage score?
A selfless We or selfish Me that always yearns for more?

Come today, do not delay, your fault to God confess,
You’ve been a louse, then tell your spouse, Me has made a mess.

Let’s put the past behind us now, under the blood to stay
And We will start our life anew, We—not Me—each day.