Many years ago I spoke on the subject of “Making His Way My Way.” I spoke about having to change my ways because my husband is so different from me. Early in our marriage, I realized that I had to change or there would be war in the homeI had to learn to buy brand-name condiments because he could tell the difference. (How did I know? I even tried putting a store brand in the name-brand bottleBelieve me, he could tell!) I had to use bar soap instead of liquid for the shower because that is what he prefers. I had to stop and look at him while he was talking because he didn’t like my multi-tasking while he was telling me somethingThese are just a few of the things I’ve had to work on and change to help me make his way my way.

God has a way that He wants my life to go. I must admit that I don’t really like His way all of the timeI will be honest and share that the first ten years that we were in evangelism, I told God each day that I thought we would be more effective in another area of ministryI honestly prayed every day and thought I was pretty smart for explaining this to GodDo you know what the problem was? My way was NOT His way! God knew better, but I was having a hard time giving in to His way.

Finally while driving late at night across the state of New York and listening to a sermon, I remember I gave in to GodI surrendered my will and told Him that I believed He did know what was best for our livesI did ask God that night to help me stay content with His will by showing me results at each meeting.

Because of this decision, at the beginning of each meeting, those who watch will see me at the altar asking God to show me how He is using Kevin and our family to make a difference. In a recent week, we did a revival for a church and saw 14 people walk the aisle for salvation in the adult service and 22 children accept Christ as their Saviour. In addition, three were baptized, and two couples joined the church. Sometimes the result might be in a man’s coming to church who hasn’t been for years. It might be a child’s accepting Christ and asking us to come back next week. It’s so sweet of God to lovingly show me how He is using us. He doesn’t owe that to me, but I’m awfully grateful that He does that for me.

I get up each morning and plan what I want to try to accomplish for that day. Oftentimes those plans go awry before 9:00 a.m.! Although I have prayed that morning during my devotions for God to direct my steps, I can get quite perturbed when things get changed. I have to really work at letting go of the goals I have.

Today that very thing happened to me. I got up with several office chores on my list to do. Kevin had made an appointment for our motor home to have some needed repairs. The job was supposed to take a “couple” of hours. I took out my iPad and planned to update it at a Wi-Fi spot which would fill up the time my home and office was in the shop. Three hours later I realized that I would have to buy some fast food for lunch and do my needed computer work somewhere else. The rig finally got back at 6:30 p.m.

These changes just seem to happen to me all the time. I plan and then have to replan. I am not really that flexible by nature, but I try to let God know that the replan is okay with me—as long as He is with me. After all, it is all His work anyway.

God is really making me learn this truth. You know, one of the big trials of your life might be there because you are unwilling to make God’s ways your ways. The verse that always comes to my mind when God changes my path is Isaiah 55:8, which says,

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” Give up to God and allow His ways to become your ways.Real joy comes from knowing you are in the center of God’s will.

This week as you go through your daily tasks, be especially conscious of His ways. Be willing to go the way your Heavenly Father has planned for you. Don’t get frustrated with life when it turns a different direction. Ask God to make His thoughts your thoughts and His ways your ways.