invisible hurts

Invisible Hurts $10

“Invisible Hurts” offers help to those who have been abused or experienced other deep hurts.  This practical and life-changing book includes a Bible study for each chapter.  Loretta shares the three powerful principles that she learned early in her Christian life that put her on the victory side of a troubled home.

possessing peace

This is a six week daily Bible study.  Learn how to have peace with God, self, family, others, circumstances, and authorities in ten minutes a day.  Read the listed Scripture and then read the lesson Loretta uses from her life to teach you how to live a peaceable life.

God is crazy about me

“God is Crazy About Me” is a two part book.

Part one is a six-week study to help you realize the journey that I have taken to learn how much my Heavenly Father loves me. It is my hope that as you read my stories, you will remember something from your past to enhance your relationship with God. Getting saved only gave me a ticket to Heaven. It has been my choice what kind of relationship I have with my God.

Part two of the book is a ninety-day challenge to encourage you to realize God is working in your life on a daily basis. I really believe that my relationship with God has been based on how much I am aware of Him. Whether you grew up with a sweet relationship with your earthly dad or you are like me and didn’t really have any relationship to speak of, you will enjoy a new-found sense of belonging to the family of God after you have taken the ninety-day challenge.