by Dr. Eddie Lapina

Eddie Lapina was a long-time Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, and he continues to serve this church as an Assistant Pastor.

Someone asked me the question, “What do you tell teens when they are trying to do right but their parents don’t really want them to do right?” Allow me to share some thoughts that might help when dealing with this kind of parent-teen relationship.

  1. A teen is not responsible for his parents’ actions.
  2. A teen is commanded to obey his parents except when he has been asked to do something definitely against Biblical and moral doctrines and standards.
  3. A teen needs to realize that his parents may not have had the training and opportunities, such a Christian education, a fundamental church, fundamental preaching, etc., that he has had.
  4. A teen must accept his parents the way they are. Every teen ought to pray that the Lord will change their lives, but he ought not flaunt his Christianity and lifestyle in front of them. A teen should practice his beliefs with understanding for how his parents were reared.
  5. A teen ought to spend a great amount of time around others who want to do right.
  6. A teen should realize that deep down in the hearts of his parents, they are actually proud that their son or daughter is willing to do right. A person knows what is right or wrong even if they have chosen not to agree with it and practice it themselves. Most parents want their children to do right even if they are not doing it themselves.
  7. Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. said, “Do right until the stars fall.” Just do right— no matter what!