By Kimberly McGraw

“I really wish you were coming,” he told me as I walked him to the door.

“Me, too, babyHave a good time!”

I put on a smile, kissed him goodbye, and closed the door behind him. I watched him drive away as my smile faded into tearsAnother activity, another missed opportunity to be together.

Don’t get me wrongI love being a mom, but when there isn’t money for a sitter or the kids are sick, I am usually the one who needs to stay behindAfter a while, it can get dishearteningPretty soon, I find myself wondering, will I ever have a life again? Sound familiar?

The Devil is a clever being—so clever, in fact, we rarely recognize his handiworkHe does not want marriages to succeed, he does not want peaceful homes, and he knows just how to get his wayHe found the one person who could make the most impact in these areas: womanAnd since the beginning of time, the Devil has used our own selves against us.

Most often he uses his two weapons of choice: discontentment and loss of purposeWhether you are a stay-at-home mom, a career woman, or a single lady, the Devil knows how to keep you from your destinationHe knows if he can steer us off course long enough, he’ll soon have the opportunity to derail the trainAnd he’s an opportunist; he will derail the train.

If you have never been to the Devil’s playground of deception, you will— guaranteedBut there are some strategies to help keep you on course.

Get some help.

We are womenWe are made up of some pretty strong stuff called hormonesIf ever they get off kilter, they can do a DrJekyll/MrHyde number on you and everyone you come in contact withHormones are our number one friend or foe, regardless of ageLearn your hormones and how to control them or see a doctor who can help you navigate this road. Your husband, your kids, and everyone within your sphere of influence will thank you.

Remember your purpose.

Are you a single mom working and rearing children? Fill your life with people who will affirm your sacrifices and whom you make them forDo you stay home and often forego the social life for a world of constant mess and endless chatter? While you clean, listen to speakers who encourage you in your worthiness of raising the next generationAre you an empty nester? Read those marriage books again; a chapter a day can change your marriage and restore your purpose as his help meet.

Remembering your purpose is a practice most important because the Devil is a master at distractionHe will throw anything in your life (even innocent things) to keep your eyes from the finish line.

Do not neglect God.

When we allow the Devil to have his input, we’re often shutting out God’s still, small voiceWhen I’m angry, frustrated, or feeling lost (we ALL get there from time to time), I try to get alone, and God often reminds me who I am IN HIM. Without that, I am a ship without a rudder at the mercy of life’s angry billowsBut this is a step we have to take purposefullyGod does not force Himself on us; we need to seek HimAnd most comforting of all, I find He is never very far away no matter how long it has been since I last spent time with Him.

Ladies, let’s make a commitmentYou and meEach new morning, let’s decide to be content in our purpose and to allow God to use usThen and only then, can we truly find the happiness that eludes so many of our fellow sisters. It’s out there, and it’s within our means to attain it!

God has a plan for each of us that is beyond our imagining, but if we aren’t vigilant, the Devil can sell us a lie and take us down a path of no returnLet’s give the Devil reason to fear that his rock-solid plan is starting to crumble by dedicating each new day to finding our purpose: again and again!