by Marlene Evans
Founder of Christian Womanhood

IF YOU HAVE ACCEPTED spiritual reproduction as the goal for your life—yes, even your very reason for living—if you have paid the price by meeting the requirements, you will see some results.

The first year I was away from home, my mother had a serious operation, and I wrote my dad of my love and support of him, especially during that time. I told him I was sorry for the trouble I’d caused in my growing-up years.

He answered with these words: “We weren’t looking at the day-by-day picture but for the end result.”

I guess parents look for a harvest way down at the end of the row someplace. I have thought of that statement one million times as I’ve been led of God to work with college students almost 25 yearsSo often I’ve been tempted just to mark “zero” on a student! When I just about decide she will never be anything, that statement comes back to me saying, “Marlene, you’d better wait before you toss her out as hopelessLook for the end resultMaybe you’ll get a good harvest this time.”

Several years ago a girl came to Hyles-Anderson College with more open rebellion and hostility than should be instilled in a lifetimeThe bitterness and hatefulness almost floored me.

One dear older lady, loved by all the students, sweetly asked my girl, “What’s your name, honey?” to which the girl snapped, “What do you want to know for?” The student let me know shortly that she didn’t trust me or anyone else.

Some people thought I was strange to let her talk to me as I didA few whispered about their sorrow for me since they could see that I didn’t “have the picture” on that girlThey no doubt suspected premature senility on my partI don’t mean I let her get by with things I should have reported to my authorities, but you who work with kids know what you put up with sometimes while you’re waiting for the harvest.

Let me share some words from recent notes from her:

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, MrsEvansThe verses in Romans 7:18, 19 have been so true of meWhy won’t people learn the first time? Everything you said I was, I amI love you so much for seeing it and telling meI wish I had been strong enough to take itI guess the truth always hurtsI can see now how ugly I’ve been toward youI am so sorry!

THE FIRST TIME I saw you or remember seeing you was the day after I received a note in my mailboxIt said, “See me in my office tomorrow.” I began checking you out! Just who was MrsEvans? I was 18 and thought that was pretty old! If I remember correctly, I couldn’t wait to get out of your officeI was rude and acted ugly. I thought for sure you really wanted to get me kicked out or something! Since then, you have gone through my terrible temper series—loud, noisy outbursts, uncontrollable sense of reasoning, the mini-bike escapade and hospital stay, other childish pranks, and mistrust of everything and everyone.

I guess I haven’t gotten rid of it all yet, but I know what to pray about and work on in hopes of having a well-balanced Christian lifeI guess I’ve learned a lot in the years of classes, talks, phone calls, notes, and letters.

The harvest is beginning to come in! I plan to reap from now through eternityOh, the harvest time!