One bright morning a small girl was walking to school when she saw two construction workers digging a rather large hole. She stopped and asked, “What are you doing?”

One man frowned at the young child and replied gruffly, “Digging a hole.”

The little girl looked at the other man in the same hole and said, “And what are you doing?”

The burly construction worker smiled at the little girl and said, “Building a cathedral.”

Both men were doing the same thing. The difference was their attitude. Attitude in life is so very important. I believe I can prove it. Consider a few scenarios with me:

• Are you training your children or trying to keep them out of your hair?

• Do you go soul winning because someone is dying in sin or because people will say something if you don’t go?

• Are you making dinner for the man you love or just doing your job?

• Do you follow the Lord because you love Him or because you don’t want to be punished by Him?

Your attitude affects everyone around you. Have you ever heard the saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?” It is true. You affect your husband, children, friends and other brothers and sisters in Christ.

You cannot control the weather, but you can control your attitude. Why not leave off the mumbling about mud and dripping coats as you take the children to school? My mother always said, “Do your best and hang the rest.” What she was telling me was to do the best I could do and leave the rest up to the Lord. When we complain, we are telling the Lord that we do not like His will for our life at the moment.

Decide to be happy. I dare you. Take today—just today—and decide that you will:

1. Smile at everyone.

2. Greet everyone pleasantly.

3. Do something kind for someone else.

You will feel better; I guarantee it. Now try to laugh! Right now! Something my sister and I did when we were little was try to laugh in a mirror. It always worked. You laugh in the mirror and look funny. Then you laugh because you look funny. You continue to look funnier, and so you laugh more. We spent many an hour laughing at ourselves. Try it; you will feel better.

We as women have an uncanny ability to control the atmosphere of a room. One angry lady walks in the room, and we instantly all know it. Decide that you will always walk in happy. You will be the ray of sunshine in someone else’s life. We are the King’s daughters. We have mansions and crowns waiting for us. We of all people should be delighted to serve the Lord. Decide that you are working toward a Heavenly goal. Smile and show the world the wonderful things that God can do for them.