by Molly Audiss

I am the Mom to three teen boys. If there is a topic that I enjoy discussing with my Girl-Mom friends, it is the amazing differences between having a house of boys and a house of girls. The other day my family was out of town, and I invited 6 college girls over for dinner. As the entered my home, they moved as a group. Everything was done together. They were talking at the door, and they continued talking as they moved, in unison, down the hall, into the kitchen, over to the dining table, and later onto the sofa. Always talking. They laughed and talked through dinner, through cleanup, through a board game, and they talked through an entire movie on the couch!

When it was time for the movie, the six of them all piled up together in only part of my sectional. They shared blankets, laid their heads on each other’s shoulders, laughed-and always-talking. I loved it! If you raised boys, you know that this is about as opposite of boy behavior as possible! I am often trying to get my sons to give me MORE details than “it was fine,” or “it was good.” Boys can be very close to their friends and not hardly talk at all. So different from girls!

I love being a girl. I would not be described as “chatty” or “gabby,” but I do so love a long, deep conversation on a topic. Tomorrow I have planned a road trip with a girlfriend to a Ladies Conference. The part I most look forward to is 9 WHOLE HOURS OF UNINTERRUPTED TALKING in the car, going down and coming back home. My husband will ask me after I have spent time with my mom, sister, or friends, “What did you do together?” “We talked,” I’ll say. He knows that will be the answer, but I can tell that it does not seem like a very productive time to him😊

This “constant communication” at which girls and women seem to excel is exactly what the Lord is wanting from us. Our Christian life is not to be chiefly about a list of items that we have done, how we looked, where we went. The foundation of our Christianity must always be a constant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is getting to know Him, talking to Him, thinking of Him, studying His feelings, thoughts, preferences, and commands in the Bible, and learning to understand Him.

God created humans, the only creation made in the image of Himself. We are unique. We are made to reflect God in our attributes. We were MADE FOR a relationship. He wants us to know Him. He wants constant communication with us. He desires to hear from us, all day, about everything. Wow!

If a woman described her husband to another woman just as I described the Lord in the last paragraph, the other woman would think, “That is so romantic. He must really love his wife, to want to know her thoughts and feelings. She is so blessed to have a man who wants to be with her that much.” Ladies, we have a Saviour just like that! It matters not if we are single, married, old, young, with kids, without kids, out-going or introverted, we have a God who wants to be with us THAT MUCH! Isn’t it wonderful?!

Let’s strive to make our Lord feel loved by having a relationship with Him. It begins as we wake up in bed, and we think of Him. We may say in our minds as our first conscious thought, “Good morning, Father. I love you.” Then, shortly therefore we spend time in His Word, then we speak to Him awhile in prayer. Then, all day long, we simply keep the conversation going mentally as we go through our day. We talk to Him at work, while at home, in the car. We bring Him into every single thing we experience through the day. Before we drift off to sleep, we tell Him we love Him one more time.

That is what the Christian life is all about. Jesus and me, all day, all the time. My Friend, feel all the love He has for you, as you remember how Christ wants to go with you all day, and speak to you in constant conversation. It is too amazing, too personal to try to capture with words. You belong to Him. He is your best friend, brother, father, husband, counsellor, protector, and so much more. Let Him make you feel how loved you are as you draw close to Him today.

Abide in me, and I in you….” John 15:4

Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you.” I Peter 5:7