by Judi Vest

Judi Vest, in Heaven now for many years, still teaches us through her writings.

Did your youngster ever ask, “Why are the leaves green?” or “Why do the leaves change to red, orange or yellow?” We know, of course, that chlorophyll is the green pigment that gives the leaves their green color. And then, as the trees reach the end of their food-making period in the fall, the chlorophyll decreases. As photo- synthesis ceases, the green pigment in the leaves no longer has a role to play. Suddenly the chlorophyll vanishes, and the leaves lose their green. During the spring and summer, the color of the leaves is hidden by the intense green of the chlorophyll. As the color fades away in the autumn, the other pigments of the leaves are unveiled.

Consequently, the leaves enter a new stage in their lives, and we see many vibrant colors. Likewise, we women enter new stages in our lives. We have new roles to play and new colors to add to our lives.

Let’s face it — changes are a part of life! There may be changes in the site of one’s family, job transitions, changes in location, teen-year transitions, and finally, what I call “The Great Change” — a child leaves home! Have we prepared ourselves?

Perhaps the best way to prepare oneself is to let God have control. Ultimately, He is the One Who is making the changes. Even more, He loves us with an everlasting love and wants to help us through each new stage. He has so many blessings for us if we will trust Him to guide us along.

These are some things I have learned and for you to ponder on the road to “The Great Change” that will come in your life.

  1. Thank God for changes. If we did not change, we would never grow — we would still be in diapers!
  2. As you see the changes coming, ask God to add new vibrant colors to your life. Maybe you need some new goals, some new interests and some new friendships.
  3. Cleave to your husband. I recently read the following, meaningful lines by Robert Browning: “Grow old with me. The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made.”
  4. Say farewell to the past. Why? So you can enjoy the present and the future.
  5. Enjoy the fruit of your labor. I am thinking of my fun-loving, married children as I write this. Their phone calls, their visits, and the fact that they still need to ask just one more question delights me. “Mom, I am ready to put the turkey in the oven, but the wings are sticking out. Mother, what do I do with the wings?”

Yes, changes are on the way. Get ready for them and enjoy them!