by Elaine Colsten

Do you the know the name of the people who sit around you at church? If you are a student, do you know the names of your classmates? You say, “Oh, come on, Mrs. Colsten, I’m just not the friendly type. You know me—I am so shy.” It has been my observation that some people, whether shy or not, just make it a habit to show some concern for the people they meet, and I hope you are one of those very special people.

It does seem shameful, however, that often the person sitting next to you may have a broken heart over the fact that his mother has terminal cancer but does not feel free even to mention to you his prayer request. How sad! Occasionally a person will say, “When I get into full-time Christian service for God, then I will start being more concerned.” No, it won’t begin automatically upon your receiving a college degree.

You are now establishing the kind of life you will live, so I suggest that you begin to get acquainted with the people whose paths you cross every day. You do not need to disclose your life’s history. Everywhere people are lonely, hurting, or longing for someone just to speak. You may be seated next to such a person right now as you read this article.

Take time to spread a little sunshine. No, you shouldn’t be flirtatious or forward, but you can care!